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10 Best Living Room Ideas


The most popular place in any house is the living room. This is where the whole family comes together to watch a movie or spend some time together. Also, any guest that comes into the house is also welcomed into the living room where they spend quality time together. In almost all the houses, a lot of activity goes on in the living room. Therefore, it is with utmost importance that people design their living room so that it suits the comfort of people and is also good to look at.

1. Style With Purpose

A bookshelf is a must when it comes to designing the living room. Picking up two to three colors and evenly distributing the hues helps to add style to the much-needed bookshelf. Also, books can be stacked so as to make it look asymmetrical.

2. Mix and Match

Mix and Match has become the life of everything. Nothing is perfectly matched these days. Playing with colors adds to the furnishings and the room. It makes the place look much more playful and its fun to be around such creativity. In case a sofa cover has to be decided, different prints in the same color tone can help inject your boring couch with sheer elegance and beauty.

3. Designated Zones

Designated Zones living room
Designated Zones living room

If the living room is not a very big one, it would be preferable that more than one conversation can easily take place there without the need to add more furniture. Therefore, functional areas should be identified such as an area where a conversation can take place or the TV can be set up.

4. Visually Divided Space

Beams and pillars can be used to divide a room creatively and not in a permanent manner. Other ways to do so is to place the furniture in a different manner, lay down area rugs, etc.
5. Creative Lighting

Creative Lighting living room
Creative Lighting living room

The feeling of the room changes once the lighting is set. Larger rooms have more windows and lighting is not much of an issue there but small room can also be made to look a little larger if the lighting is done perfectly.

6. Colors

Colors living room
Colors living room

Colors can play a big role in making a large room feel cozier. High ceilings can be painted in different shades and different patterns can be used to cut down the height of tall walls.
7. Scale matters

Measurements are very important when it comes to designing a room. Tall ceilings call for tall furniture so that the room can get some balance.

8. Repetition

In large rooms, if the prints are colors are used in repetition, then the room will not look haphazard as people will look at all the prints and shades and will make the room very attractive.

9. Anchor the Room

Anchor the Room living room
Anchor the Room living room

In addition to the small pieces that decorate the room, large anchor pieces such as big sofa will add to the grandeur.

10. Cozy Space

Cozy Space living room
Cozy Space living room

If the feel of the room s cold and its not cozy enough, adding layers such as rugs will help cozy up the room.

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