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Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Home Interior


Your bedroom design is an all-inclusive pack; you have to keep the door, windows and all the furniture in mind. Whether you want a big bed or a small one, a particular theme or just mix n match, nightstands or dressers, rugs or wooden flooring, etc.

Bedroom Design
Bedroom Design

You have a major choice to make, it is not simple. You need to organize the furniture and leave enough free space. Your room reflects you, whatever you chose, it needs to be comfortable.

Contemporary bedrooms:

A contemporary bedroom is not all about shades of grey, black and white. Along with a monochrome, you can add charisma and highlight your room. Painting the wall a nude colour and using bright coloured artworks works well. You could also use pale wood such as pine or maple.

Traditional bedrooms:

A traditional bedroom is majestic with ornate designs. With elegant lamps and mirrors that are gold, silver or a royal shade the wood on furniture also creates an impression. The walls are a combination of greys, browns or taupe. Filled with luxury, the chandeliers and antique wardrobe give the finishing touch.

Transitional bedrooms:

Transitional bedrooms are a mixture of contemporary and traditional. The colours are mostly a neutral shade with some colours to add a highlight. The look is a balance, with accessories to elevate from the serenity. It is a simple yet sophisticated style.

Eclectic bedrooms:

An eclectic bedroom has a play of colours combined with richness. It is a vibrant and unique designing style. It is a mixture of unexpected articles which combine to turn out astounding. The texture and background don’t match but elevate each other. A blast of colours and artistic design is the key. The chic look is suited to everybody’s design.

Modern bedrooms:

This type encourages the play with colours. You need to fill your room with accessories but avoid clogging it. Abstract arts and designs will highlight the hue on the wall. Avoid screaming for attention, the room needs to be filled with character. Patterns and textures are important. Use lights, rugs, art pieces, mirrors, arty pillows, etc.

Themed bedrooms:

Themed bedrooms
Themed bedrooms

You get to chose one theme and coordinate the whole bedroom according to it. The wall, lights, rug, cupboards, dresser, art pieces, mirrors, bed covers and pillows, all of it designed to convey one theme. Beach themes, sports theme, underwater theme, Asian theme, European theme, floral theme, New York theme, stone or wooden themed or you can choose a particular colour and design the entire room with it.

Cottage bedrooms:

With wooden floors and a rustic look, cottage bedrooms have wooden furniture’s. With all-white walls, they have artefacts and other pieces of art that highlight the features of the room. Using pictures and patterns helps to brighten the atmosphere. Dark and saturated colours at certain spots make the room look more stylish.

There are various styles that you can choose from to decorate your bedroom. With a splash of colour or monochromatic shades, emphasize on the best spots and articles. Use your style sense to design your own unique room. Make your room comfortable and leave plenty of walking space. Let your mind create a beautiful bedroom you can enjoy!

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