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Best Bedroom Decorating Ideas


The bedroom is that space of your home where you relax and forget the stressful world. This private sanctuary is all about you, so you can chose what you like, floral designs mixed with geometrical patterns, contrasts or artworks, the bedroom is the place, your inner goddess awakens and comes to rest, so why not design it with beautiful decorating ideas?

Consider the room size, you cannot afford to cram the room and give it no space to breathe and you don’t even want too many vacant spots. Leave plenty of walking space and plan the colour scheme depending on your furniture’s. A clever layout which easily accommodates your morning to night needs.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The idea of matching everything, from the bed sheets to the night lamp is very old, try something new, mix and match your ideas to create an elevated look. Include rugs and stuffed pillows while making plenty of storage places to keep your essentials. A neutral colour on the wall makes it easier to change the mood of the room by adding different accessories by the change in seasons.

Personalize the space and use soft lightning items and you can also decorate your room according to a particular theme. The room walls can be in contrast to each other, you can use high-gloss or matte texture or striped decor on a few walls while leaving the others with a neutral shade to accentuate the looks. The natural and muted tones of grey, blue and yellow can be used to make some walls less noticeable.

You can also use a particular colour to accent a white room; the accents will brighten the room. The cupboards, curtains, lights and other decorative articles should not be stuffed into your room. Plan the position of every article in your mind and how well it will blend with the articles before you bring it home. A spacious room helps you relax better and sends you a positive vibe.

1. Chose a particular theme and stick to it, you can be inspired by a Moroccan theme or a beach theme or a classic or retro theme, you can even chose something simple and sexy.
2. You could chose articles that are antiques or you could go with modern articles which have a splash of colour. These articles can be colour co-ordinated or simply a mix n match.
3. Reveal a personal side and make your bedroom comfortable. For a total indulgence, chose what you like best than what will go best with your room.

4. Keep the floor in mind. You can go with tiles or even better, a rug. The rugs texture need not be similar to the other things in the room, for a white room, a coloured rug will be a burst of colour.

5. Avoid using dark shades on walls, they might seem pretty and keep you energetic all day but it will make it difficult to sleep at night.

Your room is your cocoon, so however you design it, whatever themes and articles you chose to highlight your room, make sure you are comfortable in them. So decorate your bedroom, give it a special look and highlight its best features. Keep size and designs in mind and don’t forget to leave plenty of walking space.

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