Home Interior Home Decor Paint Colour Ideas

Home Decor Paint Colour Ideas


The colour you chose for your home will reflect your ideas and create moods. There is a wide range of choice available. You can choose to be bold and energetic or calm and soothing, the colours will play tricks on your mind. Choosing one will not be a simple task; you have to get the right shade.

Home Decor Paint Colour Ideas
Home Decor Paint Colour Ideas


The metallic colour is sophisticated, combined with mirrors it elevates the look of the room. For a simple room, it provides an industrial and classic look. It shines and reflects with edgy elegance. The metallic look on the walls will create an energetic atmosphere.


Neutral walls create a soothing effect on the mind. They can be lifted with creatively designed pillows, craft articles, flowers and other decorative articles. They are not bland and when combined with furniture they will polish the look of the room. The soft palette on your walls will create a soothing effect.

Brown, Grey, Mauve:

These classic colours just never get old. Applied in different shades to the walls of your home, they combine to give a traditional look. These royal shades can be combined with furniture to create contemporary or transitional rooms. The room easily connects with nature and creates a calming effect on the mind.

Black and white:

Black and white Paint Colour Ideas
Black and white Paint Colour Ideas

This old design never gets out of fashion. Black and white combined can create a very sexy and dynamic effect on the room. One colour calling for attention, while the other blending it with the remaining surroundings. Combined with rugs, pillows and other arty creations this colour will make the room feel alive.


This design includes painting all walls white except one. On the wall you have left blank, you can let your imagination create patterns and designs. The wall can have any particular colour which will help you pick all the other furniture and articles to the room. It is a bold technique and has a powering effect. The wall is striking and expresses your style.

Pure white:

Painting all the walls white creates a very tranquil atmosphere. The room can be designed and created to have an artistic touch as you can splash colour into the room using furniture, rugs, painting, lights and other means. White creates a background where you can paint your creativity into. You can add an array of colours or use shades of white to complement the walls.

Simple colours:

You can theme your walls a particular colour and implement all its different shades to create the desired effect. Blue, purple, pink, red, gold, yellow, orange, any colour you want. Using shades of the chosen colour on walls will convey your theme easily. Combining them with the furniture and paintings will help you create a balanced and creatively designed room.


The painting of the ceiling can transform the look of a room. You don’t have to only paint it white, you can add a colour that will reduce glare and hide imperfections easily. If you are painting the walls a neutral shade, the ceiling will highlight the room and catch attention. Adding a beautiful chandelier or light piece can give the ceiling an artistic touch.

Take precautions before painting and follow the procedure. Give your walls a piece of your creativity and design them to be flawless.

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