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Living Room Design Ideas For Home


Living room, the most popular place of the house, needs to be airy and the least cramped. As Living room sees the most activity, you cannot block free movement here even by mistake. You can put up a sofa or a comfy chair for reading, white walls or coloured walls, it is your choice. But as this is the room where everybody first enters, make sure it is the best.

Living Room Design Ideas
Living Room Design Ideas

You need to convey your idea clearly and make it a friendly atmosphere.

Heavenly blue:

Blue just never looks too much, the calm and serenity it provides makes it the popular colour. Combining white and shades of blue in your living room can create a soothing effect to the mind. It can be combined with different shades to create the look you wish. You can also add a reading corner with a soft blue coloured chair and a light to brighten the area.

If not blue, you could choose other colours such as mauve, green, beige, etc.

Coloured accents:

The entire room can be painted white, a calming shade. Accentuate the room with a particular colour; it could be red, purple, pink, etc anything you want. Pick pillows, rugs, paintings and other decorative articles of the colour of your choice. These accents will give the room a bold look and make it creative.


The shades of black and white can be used to create fabulous designs. You walls can be worked on by different patterns and textiles. This simple look is very sophisticated and brings light to certain arts and other beautiful things in your home. Even though it is simple, monochromatic looks have their own type of elegance.


The painted floor and designed walls, the creative pillows and the rustic mirror, all combine to form a colourful living room. You can fill the room with exotic colours and different patterns. The bold look will keep you very active and energetic. Make sure you don’t overdo it and each has a spark of its own.

Pure white:

Pure white Living Room
Pure white Living Room

If you wish to create a neat heaven in your living room, you can. The neat and light coloured walls combined with white fine furniture will put the mind to rest. If you want to add a little colour, you can use an extremely light hue of grey or brown. No high gloss shimmer, no colour burst.

As you plan your living room, make sure you keep in mind to put essential articles in appropriate places, according to the size and layout of your home, suit yourself. You can fill your room with sofas, a chandelier, chairs, a coffee table, a mirror, lots of styled lights, flowers, cushions, curtains, lamps, paintings, and the list goes on.

Chose what goes best with the design in your mind and don’t stuff the place up. Design in such a way that each article gets its due notice and leaves a mark. You can mix and match and add your own touch to the living room after all you are the great designer of your home. You are definitely going to spend a lot of time in this room so design it to make you feel comfortable.

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