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Top Wall Art Ideas For Your Interior


As much as the construction and design of a building matters, the interiors and aesthetics of walls matter a lot too. A lot of thought has to be put in before deciding on wall arts of rooms, it should not be too flashy or too dull. Suitability with the rest of the room also matters a lot in choosing wall art. Wall art doesn’t always have to be painted, there are various methods of having amazing wall arts in your room without breaking the bank.

Wall Art Ideas
Wall Art Ideas

Today we will show you some exceptional wall art that you can put on your walls, some of these ideas may be new to you and blow you away:

Tape Design Patterns –

Decorative, masking and gentle tapes are easy ways to add a variety of patterns and designs to your walls. They are easy to apply and can be done in a very short amount of time. The best part about these tape designs is that when you peel them off there is no sign of damage and your walls go back to being the way they were before you applied the tape.

Fabric art –

Fabric art is a simple way of adding lots of popping colours and patterns into any room. Unlike wallpaper, fabric doesn’t need glue and can be applied with pins and cause unnoticeable holes. There are numerous possibilities with fabric and you can create a variety of aesthetic effects with them.

Peel and Stick Wallpapers –

Decals are available for pasting on your walls and you can play with the designs and create new ones ranging from tribal art to cartoons designs. They can be used like normal wallpaper or can be used to create murals by being hung in strips.

Scrolling wallpapers –

Scrolling wallpapers for Wall
Scrolling wallpapers for Wall

By hanging wallpapers in single strips and allowing them to flow to the floor creates a scrolling effect and it looks very traditional and looks modern at the same time.

Hand printed wall art –

Just do as the name suggests, dab your hands in paint and slap the walls with different colours to create interesting patterns in the walls, you can do it yourself with your family and along with serving as wall art, they’ll serve as memories to cherish whenever you look at the walls.

Wrapping Paper –

It’s a cheap alternative to fabric or wallpaper. These are cheaply available everywhere and they do not need much effort to be setup. You can simply tack them like you would do with fabric or wallpaper strips to create a subtle effect on your walls.

Creating an artistic “Clothesline” –

You can create a clothesline and display colourful photos and decorative items. All it takes is a clothes line across the wall and some clips to hang your precious memories.

Wall Putty –

Using wall putty is basically the same thing as using peel and stick hangers, you can attach the putty to the wall to hold small photos or decorative products. Afterwards you can just peel them off and putty is cheaply available in hardware stores.

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