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Office Design Ideas


An Office Design is essential, be it a corporate office or a home based office. It should be pleasing to the eye for you and your clients and should create a soothing atmosphere for work.

Here are some office design ideas that would suit your office well and create a comfortable workplace:

Office Design Ideas
Office Design Ideas

Space Planning:

Offices can be of various sizes and shapes, depending on the nature of the space and work requirements we need to estimate the requirements of the open to closed space ratio of an office and the layout of the furniture. Choosing the proper layout that meets all the requirements of the business is a must.

Furniture Planning:

Choosing furniture for an office is a tricky ordeal and for this L shaped furniture is recommended because it utilizes space well and provides proper seating arrangement for employees. You should also consider having cabinets so as to provide better file management and cabinets are well designed so as to store as much of files as possible in the least amount of space possible.

Interconnected Offices:

If the building has multiple offices one should lay out the office rooms in such a way so that it is easy to navigate from one office to another depending on hierarchy and office structure of the organization.

Allocation of paths:

The layout of the office should be such so as to provide free movement of the office works to allow walking space freely from one table to the other without any disruptions and through a safe form of passage. There should be a wide pathway hence a large office space is very essential, the more the workers the more the space should be.

Environment should be healthy –

One of the basic requirements of a workplace is that it should have a healthy environment, to ensure that the office must have plants inside, it will not only create a better environment but it will also be pleasing to the eye and enhance the beauty. It creates a fresh and healthy environment. The windows also should be placed properly and it is suggested large windows be used to provide passage of air.


Office Lighting Ideas
Office Lighting Ideas

Lighting should be as close to natural light as possible, there should be sufficient light in all parts of the office and should not be too bright that it becomes a distraction, neither should it be too dim that it causes strain in focusing on work.


Making arrangements of electricity is absolutely essential so as to provide adequate power supply ports in all corners. If natural ventilation is not possible, outlets should be designed for ACs and it is also to be noted that electrical appliances need a cool working environment so there should be proper cooling and passage of air in the office.

Consistency in Design: To top it all the design should be consistent throughout all offices and should not be mismatched. There should also be plans for amenities like washrooms and canteens, so as to provide a comfortable working space.

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