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Door Design Ideas


The door is one of the first things people notice when they come to a new place like an office or a house, it should be designed in a way to welcome the visitors and represent the overall aesthetics of the house. The door design should be dependent on the overall design of the house.

Door Design Ideas
Door Design Ideas

Some types of doors are:

Hinged Doors:

It is the most basic door and the most common one, they are basic hinged doors that open on one side and close the same way.

Roller Doors:

Roller doors are not generally chosen for houses, they consist of a metal sheet and a roller. They take much less space than hinged doors as they open vertically and they are mostly used for garage doors or at stores.

Dutch doors:

These doors have two parts, they serve the purpose of blocking children or pets from going out of the house or to provide a small service area in the kitchen. The doors are split in the center and can be opened in halves, a latch is present to connect both so as to allow the entire door to open.

Bi-fold doors:

Bi-fold doors fold twice unlike classic doors, these doors allow better use of space and large entrances can be created without taking too much space inside. These are mostly used in hallways and verandas. They are most commonly made of wood and when it is fully open it creates a small arc, thus saving space unlike other doors with have large arcs and room space is to be conserved for providing space for the doors to open.

Stacker doors:

Stacker doors
Stacker doors

Stacker doors are like roller doors but they function sideways, these are probably the most space effective doors made, they can be used to open up entire walls for instance to create a passageway between rooms to create a large space for a party for example to open a yard area.

Tilt Doors:

Tilt doors are hinged vertically, they are commonly used for parking spaces, garages and sheds. They are cost effective and simple to make, they result in large accessible openings.

Security Screen Doors:

These doors are used to offer an extra layer of security, and they have a mesh like structure which can provide ventilation and sunlight when needed in a house or a building. They allow airflow into the house while preventing intrusion of any outsider. They are made of a metal frame and a mesh of the same material. However careful observation is required while installing these doors as they need to be properly fit to make sure they are sturdy and strong.

French Doors:

French doors are famous for their ability to create large entries or exits, there is no specific size of a French door, and they vary in sizes and the materials they are constructed from. Due to their massive structures they are not commonly used in homes and are used only in large buildings. They are convenient for lawns and yards behind houses as they do not obstruct the view like other solid doors, and they proved ample light to come through.

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