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All of us have our own tastes and preferences when it comes to house designs and the designs we choose have a lot to say about our characters and personalities. Today we will look at some types of house designs which one can consider.


Traditional houses
Traditional houses

Traditional houses are the most common type of houses built in the United States and Canada. These houses borrow characteristics from the Colonial Revival style plans. They have classical details like columns, many of these house are cottage-like containing gables and dormers. Most of these houses are two-storey with little decoration on the outside. The most easily identifiable characteristics of these houses are simple roof lines, the entries of these houses being covered and one gable on the front side at least.


Classical houses borrow characteristics from ancient Greece and Rome – these houses have columns and pediments, egg-and-dart mouldings are essential to these kind of houses. The Classical House plans borrow from multiple eras like the Colonial Revival Era, The Neo Classical Era, and The Southern Colonial Era etc. These houses have designs borrowed from these eras at varying levels.

Contemporary House Plans

The Contemporary House plans were mostly architect designed homes from the fifties, sixties, and the earlier part of the seventies. Common characteristics of these houses are simplicity of construction, large windows without any decoration, flat roofs and the houses have asymmetrical shapes, and floor plans which are open.

Country Style Houses
Country Style house plans are inspired by the Cottage-like residences. They have a woodsy appearance and have one large, central door with a gable roof and a veranda outside the house. These houses are mainly for informal living but they can be made to look formal and elegant at the same time. These houses are generally not more than two stories high.

European Style Houses

European Style Houses
European Style Houses

European style houses have an old world look that is not specific to any European country like Spain or France. It doesn’t have a woodsy appearance and it is mainly made of brick and stone on the exterior part of the buildings. Steep roofs, tall windows and ornamental designs like keystones and pediments are visible in these kinds of houses. These houses have an old world charm and look stunning if designed the right way.

Modern House Plans
These houses are born out of the International style, which saw tremendous development in the architectural world in the 1920s. These houses employ open plans and allow natural light to flow in as much as possible. These houses have simple proportions and clean lines with being too fancy in terms of structure. Modern Houses employ flat roofs and are generally free of ornamentation, which distinguish these houses in home style plans.

Southern Style House Plans
Southern style houses are built of wood and brick and have gabled roofs. These houses are predominant in humid climates and are recognized by tall ceilings and front porches for the household members to catch the breeze. These houses mostly have metal roofs and elaborate designs which makes one reminiscent of pre-Civil War structures of plantation

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