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7 Decorating Tips to Make Your Living Room Better


No matter how big your patio is, your living room is still a targeted place that attracts high traffic. Irrespective of the size and shape of your living room, you can transform your living room into any desired style with a wee bit of practical ornamentation.

Living Room
Living Room

Consider the following 7 tips to give your living room an almost immediate makeover.

  1. Invest On the Right Textiles

The textile you use in your living room goes a long way in personalizing your space. Pick interesting textiles that can inject an element of exclusivity into the environment. A combination of different textiles can create a layered effect that can add immense interest to your room; varied patterned fabrics for the upholstery and drapes can differ to create appealing layers. Hand-woven Oushak rugs from a reliable source can infuse an additional dose of texture – rugs have the ability to pull the room into one piece.

  1. Art Is Not Limited To The Wall

Add elements of art in the form of furniture pieces, lamps and colorful-glass wall arrangements to your living room and change the conventional way of using art only on the walls. A tree root coffee table, an unusual tree stump side table or a quirky recline chair can be an ideal addition to inculcate natural art in your living room. Beautiful silverwares like goblets and candlesticks can be used as art accessories for an artistic outlook.

  1. Elements of History

Revive history by adding stuff from the past. It could be an antique hurricane lamp, typewriter or even a buggy or travel chest transformed into a center table; adds interest to your space that can show off your creative sparks. Most of these additions are readily available in your store room or can be easily found in a garage sale.

  1. Unexpected Arrangement

Don’t be afraid to create an entirely different furniture arrangement that does not resemble anyone’s home decor. Break the rules by using furniture that you actually need; there is no hard and fast rule that you need to have a sofa or a loveseat – eliminate these and replace them only with your favourite arm chairs. Such unusual arrangement not only gives you more space to work with, but also saves money on accumulating unnecessary furniture.

  1. Accessorize Windows

Window drapes are a common way of accessorizing or rather masking the windows completely. Break this monotony by adding window scarves and wooden pull shutters. Sheer window drapes can flaunt your distinct taste in choosing window patterns while allowing a flood of natural light to enter your living room. Utilize windows to the max as they are the most prominent and permanent fixtures in your room.

  1. Unconventional Lightings

Chandeliers are a focal point in any interior setting that adds elegance and charm. These elaborate lighting fixtures need not be one of those conventional meandering chandeliers; custom-made shimmer chandeliers that reflect your personal taste could be an ideal addition to further enhance the beauty of your ceiling.

  1. Personalized Accessories

Accessories that are made to order are a sure way to surround you with lovely memories. Stuff like, a custom made cushion cover that has the family’s birthday dates imprinted on it, a personalized family key holder or even the family pictures on a wall gallery can add a personal touch to your living room embellishments. Such additions not only take you down the memory lane but also creates a point of interest to all those visiting your home.

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