Home Interior Want to go Asian on your interior? Here’s a guide on how...

Want to go Asian on your interior? Here’s a guide on how to do it!


Having a well looking home to go to after a crazy day at work is the least you can do for yourself, right? Unfortunately, with the tight schedules, kids, reports that are somehow always due morning, your spouse and billions of errands that need to be taken care of on daily basis, not many of us get the time to decorate, redecorate and/or fix the place we live in.

But, since you are on this blog, it means only one thing – you’ve have somehow managed to step back from you daily craziness and decided to dedicate some of your creativity to re-arranging of your home in order to make it a more pleasant space to spend time in. Well, congrats is in order!

Anyway, it is no surprise that you’ve decided to make a fusion of your existing furniture elements with the Asian style. Still, Asian-inspired rooms aren’t that simple to decorate. Creating a harmonious space takes clear thought process, care and precision.

Asian-inspired rooms
Asian-inspired rooms

To turn your home decor around follow our guide and witness your home becoming an oasis of serenity and tranquil.

  1. Colors matter

It is a common misconception that Asian-inspired designs have no splashes of color within. This is probably due to the fact that Asian themes and designs are largely inspired by the colors of nature so it’s somehow understood that mute colors will be dominant with this kind of design. Since it is common for the Oriental style to be reinterpreting natural colors and mimicking scenic landscapes, it is understood that keeping the backdrop as neutral as possible is the best way to go. Relaxed and laid-back ambiance will best work with tones such as gentle cream, gray and similar tones. However, total abandonment of rich and vivid hues is the biggest mistake you can make if you are looking to give your space an Asian vibe.

Vibrant accent hues in combination with a neutral, calm setting is the blend you should be going for. Ravishing reds, luxurious purples, lovely pink of cherry blossoms are all central part of the Oriental style and therefore should not be abandoned. If you are an edgier person and a lover of mystic, carefully place subtle black hues in your interior to enhance that feel of mystifying vibrations.

For an ever richer Asian-inspired experience, consider the combination of exquisite golden tones with the soft neutral backdrop. You will most definitely create a majestic living room.

  1. Play with textual and visual accents

It is in every segment of the Far East philosophy to strive for balance and good energy circulation. An interior considered a well-decorated Asian-inspired space is the one with elements of interior harmoniously put together, with a wonderful mixture of colors as well as variety of well-combined textures and elements that surround you.

Truth is, you can’t be building your home from the ground to achieve a balance ancient Far East architects and philosophers had in mind, but you can add essentials that null the existing, poorly chosen elements of your home.

For instance, if your home is just one big block of concrete, add Asian basics that will enhance the feel of nature in your space. Natural stone decorations, bamboo blinds, wooden floors, glass partitions, organic textures in a poised fashion, a garden… are all great elements to work with.

  1. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles

A fusion of styles is probably the best option for any home interior designing. No matter how much you like a certain style, opting for just one may easily overwhelm and swallow the room. Unless there’s some excitement in your space, you’ll easily and soon end up where you were before re-decorating – bored.

Choose distinct Asian-inspired elements and combine them with your existing ones. Asian-inspired statues placed around the home, colorful floor rugs with Asian motifs, pieces of furniture evoking the vibe of Far East combined with your modern design furniture will make for an amazing space. You may even save yourself some time and instead of wandering around local shops, buy rugs online, decorative elements, plants and other parts crucial for the interior.

Asian-inspired motifs are a growing trend in interior design, not just because they look absolutely stunning but because, if carefully and thoughtfully organized, they will make wonders for your senses. It is a well known fact that the philosophy of Far East is the one associated with peace, serenity, wisdom, balance and harmony so it is only logical that you’d want such an energy in your lovely home.

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