Home Interior Design Trends for Carpets and Rugs in 2017

Design Trends for Carpets and Rugs in 2017


No matter how often and how meticulously you clean your house, almost the moment you stop it seems as if it is dusty again. You tried various different approaches and products, but nothing seems to does the trick. Our experience tells us, with high probability that the problems is caused by your old carpets.

Design Trends for Carpets and Rugs
Design Trends for Carpets and Rugs

When the material gets worn out it becomes a sort of dust storage, no matter how well you clean it. Therefore, the only solution is to get rid of the old ones and bring in the new. Having in mind the almost infinite choice of materials and colors carpets are available nowadays, we prepared an insight into color and design trends in carpets for 2017 to make it easier for you.


When 2017 trends are concerned, the continuation of 2015 and 2016 trends continues when it comes to carpet colors. In other words, there are no limitations whatsoever. Any color you could think of even in your wildest dreams is applicable. The general idea is that a carpet is a center piece of the atmosphere in every room of the house. The walls lost their primate in that area.

Therefore, if you want to achieve lively atmosphere, by all means go with vivid colors. On the other hand, if you want to calm the atmosphere down, either by still focusing on the walls, all generally muted colors, such as any shade of beige is more than welcomed. Another color that is going to be trendy in 2015 is green. Shades like sea grass or coral green definitely bring peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and are in a way a means of reconnecting with nature. Of course, color mixtures are welcomed too, as long as they affirm your initial idea especially if you are ready to make your carpet the center of attention.


The situation with pattern trends is similar to color one, practically anything is desirable, as long as it reinforces the general idea that you have for each room. Various sized patchworks are very trendy and strong colored combinations are very much in, as are different striped combinations, especially black and white ones.

If you opt for a green palette, as a way of getting back to nature, various pattern shapes that reinforce the nature idea are desirable, such as leaves, branches or flowers. If you are into neutral colors, going with two or three shades of the same color is something that is trendy in 2017.

Size and Shape

Think big and think multidimensional. Your carpets or rugs, being the center piece of every room, are now again recommended to go wall to wall, whenever possible, which is a change compared to trends that existed a couple of years ago when the idea was to have a set of small pieces. This new approach will, of course, require more attention and work if you want to keep your home perfectly clean, but it is the price you should be ready to pay.

When it comes to shape, anything that comes to mind is possible and advisable. Geometric shapes and various angular patterns are prominent entries in carpet catalogues for 2015. Therefore, let your imagination go wild and play with sizes and shapes. Luckily, nowadays everything is easily customizable and you can order and buy rugs online, as well as the carpets, and have them delivered to your home, with dimensions and shapes specified and followed to every detail. Make use of it, of course, after you measured everything twice.


When it comes to choice of carpet material, handmade natural material carpets are an everlasting fashion tendency, especially hand weaved wool ones. If this seems too old fashioned for you, various kinds of modern, artificial materials are also fashionable and of high quality as well. Again, it is only up to your preferences.

To sum up, if you want to be trendy in 2015 it is strongly advised that you let your imagination go wild. Any complementary color combination is welcomed, so are different pattern, size, shape and material ones. This is the year of many choices when it comes to carpet color and pattern trends, use the opportunity and enjoy yourself.

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