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7 Mistakes You Make When You Hang Up Your Curtains


Curtains make an indispensable part of home decoration. It can be living room or the bathroom, it is the curtains that make the interiors complete. Sometimes one may wonder that despite of changing the curtains frequently the aesthetics don’t appeal much. It is because of the same mistakes that everyone does. For instance, the old curtain rod that has been hanging in the room for years and years won’t go with your latest curtains. With some small adjustments, and good preparation, your curtains will do wonders for the whole room.

  1. Measure properly
curtains measurements
Always measure the curtains correctly

The first common mistake is not to measure properly. And it is not necessarily that curtains must have windows length always, but rather the width and the length that would be most appropriate for room and furniture.

  1. You hang the curtains too low
low curtains
These curtains are hanging too low

Usually the curtains cover the windows, so they hang too low and don’t look impressive. Raise the curtain rod to the ceiling for more space. The curtains must be 4 to 6 inches from the ceiling. The length of the fabric would increase but they will look fantastic and become more noticeable.

  1. Your curtains are too narrow
Narrow curtains don’t appeal much

The same rule that is not to hang the curtains too low, applies when it comes to width. Both the window and the room must seem to have good space, as you move the curtain to the side. One can consider it both upwards and sideways.

  1. Your curtains are too short
short length
Curtains have short length

A pair of curtains that are supposed to be carrying full-length appeal will look like a couple wearing short pants if you fail through the measurement.

  1. Your curtains will fill up too bad
Too wide gap between curtains

Now most of curtains available commercially are reasonably adapted to normal window in terms of width of fabric. But if you have a wider window, you should buy rather double set of curtains to avoid the gap between the curtains that hang sadly away from each corner.

  1. You think any curtain rod will do
Curtain Rod Can’t support Curtains

There is a wide choice when it comes to the variety of curtain rods. And sometimes it can be the suspension that makes the whole experience. Watch your style and your room which curtain rod fits here. If the curtains are too heavy, you need heavy curtain roads as well to bear the weight and match with the curtains. You can invest in curtain rods that will run for years and make average looking curtains look attractive.

  1. You don’t experiment with curtain lengths
Different curtain lengths to Consider

There are infinite options when it comes to choosing the curtains. One can keep the curtains short, long, trouser length and even too long to make them puddle on the ground. One should experiment and you will notice the interior ambience completely changes when you do such things. If you have kids you would like to keep the curtains shorter. But if you want them for a hall, the puddle style is trending giving a classic vintage experience.

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