Home Interior Learn to Fix Space Problems in Small House

Learn to Fix Space Problems in Small House


Do you feel too crowded at home? Do you find hard to organize your stuff and the mess is killing the interior decoration? With small simple means you can create lots of space in your house. Here are 10 super tips you probably never thought of!

Finding places and space to tuck away things can be extremely difficult, especially if you live in a smaller home. For those who have access to cellar, it can be seen as a quick solution to throw away things there, but it is not a sustainable solution. Everyone wants to but cannot move to larger homes. 10 top tips to “clean” up your home and get more space!

  1. Boxes Under Stairs

To build the boxes in the steps are a brilliant solution to put away shoes or other things. It cannot be seen by visitors or take place! This method is used by architects to save lots of space in the rooms and it is especially useful for children who can keep their books and shoes in the boxes hidden under in the stairs.

Boxes made under Stairs
  1. Clever trick with the litter box

Do you also stumble across the litter box or just think that it is killing the aesthetics of the interior? You can place it in a cupboard and make an opening for the cat.

Smart Litter Box for Cat
  1. Smart solution for extra mattress

Do you not know where to put the extra mattress for the lodgers? Build a window sofa with a pull box to keep the additional mattress underneath.

Space for Extra Mattress
  1. Bring in more mirrors

By creating a mirrored wall the room looks bigger than what it is. It also becomes lighter.

  1. Folding bed

Beds that fold out of the wall have made a comeback and are available in many places, if you are not having an access, you can build one yourself. It is a super easy way to get more space.

  1. Fix smart storage

By raising the floor of a room or part of the room you can have endless opportunities for storage. Pull-out bed, drawers, etc.

  1. Space for cookbooks

You can easily build a shelf to your kitchen where you store all the cookbooks that you do not know where to put on otherwise.

  1. Put the bike on the wall

Bicycles are easily stolen, especially if they are fine. Today there are nice bicycle hooks to buy as you can put up on the wall. If you have a great bike, it is also looks decorative.

Bike Hanging on Wall
  1. Make Space in the wall

Open up the wall between rooms with “window hole” in different sizes. Small round holes become a decorative detail where you can also place any gadget or flower.

Window Holes Between Rooms Create good Space
  1. Build a charging box

If you are also tired of all phones and other gadgets lying anywhere in the house or if you can’t find them never when you need them most, you can make a “charging station” where you install a power outlet and keep all the gadgets that need charging.

Smart Charging Station

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