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10 Worst Mistakes When Planning Your New Kitchen


Are you planning to make a new kitchen? Here is the list of 10 mistakes that are easy to make and how you can avoid them.

Kitchen Mistakes to AVOID
  1. Insufficient workspace

You can never get too much of work space in the kitchen rather it’s opposite. Plan carefully to make your new kitchen as easy to use as possible. Do not lock yourself in an idea, make several sketches and let the idea mature. Sketch the kitchen appliances that are often used at fixed locations in an early stage while making plans.

  1. Solve problems by the golden triangle

For kitchen work to flow as smoothly as possible, remember to start with the kitchen’s Golden Triangle – the relationship between the sink, refrigerator and stove. This thumb rule must be followed for every kitchen design.

Sink on The Wrong Side
  1. Storage

Figure out what you have for kitchen appliances, both large and small, and how you can keep them in the best way. Strive for everything to be as accessible as possible. Avoid deep cupboard which swallows your gadgets as you lose control of them. Should there be drawers instead of wall cabinets or do you like open storage? Think creatively. Most of the people like organized space and drawers are good option for storing things.

  1. Placement
stove and sink together
stove and sink together

A misplaced kitchen can become a problem when it comes to workflow in the kitchen (see the “Golden Triangle Rule” again). Half of the placement problems in the kitchen can be solved by keeping the stove and sink close to each other, thereby making it a functionally integral part of the kitchen.

  1. Error light sources

A room needs three types of lighting and the kitchen is no exception, general lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting. Pone must plan about the light sources and electricity. Think about where you need to place work light, indoor lighting as small lamps and more.

  1. Poor ventilation

There are three important things to consider when choosing the hood: odor extraction, noise and cleaning. A good fan should be effective, quiet, energy efficient and easy to clean.

Poor Ventilation Can be Very Uncomfortable
  1. Forgotten recycling and waste disposal

If your recycling process and waste disposal is impractical and ill, it can spoil the impression of your kitchen. Figure out how you can hide the waste materials and less needed stuff while it is easily accessible and convenient to dispose.

  1. No budget

Make sure to make the most accurate budget while considering all options before you start the kitchen project.

  1. Trendy

Do not fall for the most spectacular kitchen trends. Orange kitchen doors might feel hot and exciting right now, but probably not after a year. Choose as neutral basis as possible. Work with trendy furniture that can be replaced from time to time. The kitchen table and chairs are easier to replace than an entire work station.

  1. Create a plan

You must do a thorough preparatory research and made a plan that keeps both the budget and the design of the kitchen, make sure to stick to it. To change the plan when on it can be both expensive and time consuming.

Margins Not Matching the Shelves

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