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How Do You Plan Your New Kitchen?


The kitchen has gone from being an inconspicuous corner to the house’s central focal point. More and more people want to open up the rooms to the kitchen and allow the parquet continue right up to the sink.

We at DecorHD always plan kitchen on the basis that there should be at least two people there at the time. We get often joined by one or cook together. Among the most important in the planning stage is to look at the floor plan of the house. Some spend hundreds of thousands on a new stylish kitchen but bad floor choice turns it in the wrong direction. Then everything can seem backwards when you work in it.

kitchen plan
3D Kitchen Plan

The whole idea of creating a kitchen plan is that the housewives must get comfort. This is why the “work triangle” is considered the most optimal to interact between the key points in the kitchen. These are the stove, sink and refrigerator.  The kitchens have been very alike through the ages. They have been developed in terms of trends after what was most convenient.

Professional’s tips: 6 steps to a new kitchen

  1. Make a wish

Start by wishing and fantasizing that is free! Write down everything from small details to bigger redevelopment. There may be solutions and opportunities you never thought are possible!

  1. Make a budget

Calculate the price of materials, appliances, assembly and tearing out the old kitchen. Although the budget is a rough estimate, it will be very helpful for keeping track of costs during the construction process.

Budget Kitchen Plan
  1. Measure your kitchen

Measure and mark out the windows, doors, radiators, electrical outlets, ventilation and plumbing. Be careful! One of the most common mistakes is that the measurements are wrong.

  1. Place the appliances

Time to choose appliances that you think are good looking and good! Check clearances and where to place those in the kitchen, different manufacturers make appliances based on different standard dimensions.

Rightly Arranged Kitchen Appliances
  1. Make a sketch

Draw up your new kitchen hand or in a drawing program. There are a number of drawing programs with 3D functionality to download.

  1. Involve the outside world

Bring the sketch, wish list and budget to a kitchen supplier. Let multiple vendors look at the sketch. Compare what you get for the money, what they look for solutions, how responsive they are to your views, and when you can get the kitchen ready. Take the help of experience from neighbors.

Think of this while planning!

  • Start from what the family needs. How many will be in the kitchen?
  • The house’s value is preserved better if you build the kitchen in the style of the rest of the house.
  • Consider margins when you draw your new kitchen. Do not put cupboard door just to the corner, but leave a little space between. It is needed for cabinets to be opened properly.
  • Plan a space for a stool or stepladder. It tends to be very useful and often a popular seat for kids or anyone holding company while cooking.

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