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6 Tips about Your Private Pool in the House


Would not it be great to have a private pool or a private spa bath in the summer? Here are tips that would let you maintain and gives information about having the personal pool at home:

  1. Buried Ground pool – luxurious swimming pool

A buried ground pool is the most luxurious version of the pools and quality costs money. This type of pool requires excavation work and is considerably more expensive than an above ground swimming pool. You may be need a ground permit or building permit. Contact your municipality to find out what is applicable in the construction of ground pools.

Buried Ground Pool
  1. Different types of ground pool: concrete, steel and wood

The most common types of ground pools are fiberglass pool, steel pool, cast concrete swimming pool covered with tile, pressure-treated pool with liner and Thermo pool – polystyrene with liner.

  1. Placing the pool – take advantage of the sun

The location of the pool is very important. Tree spreading shade or fall leaves should not stand too close. The ideal is if the pool will be an advantage if it is south facing and in a sheltered place. Then you can take a little extra advantage of the sun to heat up your pool.

  1. Maintain and protect the pool during winter

A pool needs regular care to keep fresh. Besides special chemicals, it needs maintenance by vacuuming and possibly removal of algae by brushing. There are different tools and accessories for the pool care. A pool robot can be used to clean the bottom of the pool floor and walls as well. A pool vacuum cleaner can do to clean both flat and inclined pool bottoms.

Leaves, seeds and other things that were blown down in the pool are easy to pick up with a special long-handled landing net. A strong and woven winter cover keeps away debris from the pool. It is fastened with sturdy rubber band. An alternative is so-called winter plates. They are mounted with a slight slope so that water and snow run off.

  1. Pool Heater to extend the swimming season

There are different varieties of the pool heaters. First the most common are electric heaters. They sometimes come with the different pool package as a default option. You can also warm up the pool water with the help of solar panels. You can also prefer heat pumps as there are special swimming pool heat pumps. They are designed to warm up the pool water and should be both easy to install and quiet.

  1. The above-ground pool – simple and easy-built

A pool can be built either above or in the ground. A third option is that it is partially buried. The simplest form of the pool is wholly constructed above ground. No need for soil preparation or excavation to get the pool made.

Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool is like a giant bathtub with the surrounding frame, and works especially well on sloping land. It is relatively easy to install and build. The downside is that it takes up much space in the garden. An above ground pool may also obscure the view from the house.

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