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Best 15 Fine Furniture That Fit In Your Garden


Summer furniture as choice of outdoor furniture in the garden is great. Natural style with rattan and dainty cafe furniture in bright colors are the hottest trends this year.

Here are 15 garden furniture we like and lots of tips when choosing summer furniture.

Summer furniture 2015 – here’s about trends:

Outdoor furniture will be light because they must be easy to move around. Sometimes you want to sit in the sun, sometimes in the shade. You also want to decorate the garden, balcony and patio just like a living room. Along with the furniture, there are outdoor lightings that look just like the lamps we have indoors. One can be creative and buy bookshelves for outdoors with green plants and spend good time outdoors enjoying natural climate.

Trendiest outdoor furniture right now is rustic wicker furniture. Both natural rattan and synthetic rattan can be used. Colorful, dainty steel furniture in the café style is also popular, and with them it is easy to utilize small spaces to their maximum. Suspended swings and rocking chairs are also a fun and trendy elements.

Cafe Outdoor Furniture

 Consider the following when choosing outdoor furniture:

The choice of material is important!


The furniture should be useful under the roof as well so one can choose, natural rattan or environmentally friendly plastic material that is sensitive to rain and sun.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Acacia, hardwood and pine

The furniture should be placed under the sky is the best choice something hard and treated wood. Acacia and hardwood are commonly used today. You can impregnate the woods, like pine, to make it very durable.


Teak is both beautiful and durable, but it is very important to check that it is environmentally approved and do not come from someone deforested rainforest.

Maintenance-free materials

You actually can’t varnish wood furniture every year. Therefore, you should opt for a maintenance-free material.

Light yet tough furniture

Buy sturdier furniture and make sure that it should stand on the grass unlike steel furniture that would easily sink into ground damaging grass. So, it should be light yet tough.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Compare and test your furniture

Today it is common to buy outdoor furniture online and it’s also easy to compare prices and perhaps find a lower price. But just as with the other furniture it is best to try it outdoors before purchase. Comfort, fabric quality and stability can be difficult to judge from a picture.

Storing outdoor furniture

Remember that you must have place to store your winter outdoor furniture. Do not buy too large and bulky furniture if you do not have large storage facilities. Folding chairs and tables are often preferred in view of storage.

Protect your outdoor furniture

Lounge furniture, sofas and armchairs are best protected with coatings. Different kinds of boxes for storage of cushions are available.  Rattan withstands weather well (choose a variety that is recyclable), but should be stored under a tarpaulin in the winter. Maintain the furniture so they last for a long time. Wash and treat your garden furniture with environmental friendly preparations so they last many seasons.

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