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11 Decorating Ideas That Is Your Dream


Interior design ideas that are incredibly inspiring but what stops to make them to get true is the work involved to complete the tasks. Here are some ideas that you would really make a difference but you may get reluctant to put in the efforts because it is more work than you thought.

  1. Wallpapering roof

Wallpaper on the ceiling can bring an immense and unexpected effect, but just the thought of the job isn’t enough. Think how much wallpaper adhesives you will get in your hair or how many lengths that must be discarded to make this the epitome of an inspirational image that will never be anything other than a picture for inspiration.

Wallpaper on Roof
  1. Painting the wallpaper

You can also creatively and personally create your own wallpaper pattern using paint! There are thousands of options when it comes to the wallpapers. You just need right tools to create the patterns on the wallpapers.

Texture Paint on wallpapers
  1. Acquire a canopy bed

A colonial dream bedroom with a canopy bed and fluttering sheer fabric is again an inspiration for many individuals. However, you just have to consider whether there really is such huge and unwieldy furniture you actually can manage.

Canopy Bed
  1. Building a walk in closet

There are many who dream of a canopy bed, so much the more who want a truly authentic walk in closet. However, that needs an extra room. But the dream and inspiration go after all!


Walk In Closet
  1. Building a vacation home of containers

You can make a home from an old ship container. Keep in mind that it is possible to build worst modern and stylish house with the help of an old shipping container. There are many inspiring ideas for building a container but there are chances that your money would get waste because if badly executed it will turn into big piece of junk.

Home made from ship container
  1. Stairs with slide

Cool, but bulky. And if you have less space it would prove quite unnecessary.

Stairs with Slide and Storage
  1. Create the style in the bathroom

One always thinks that there is no need to decorate the bathroom. It is usually a neglected part of the many beautiful homes. Get some ideas from our website about decorating bathrooms.

Too stylish bathroom


  1. Floor of copper coins

Copper in all forms is still under discussion. One needs neat and creatively laid copper coins to make an entire floor to look decent.

Floor made from copper coins
  1. Carpet in the bedroom

Usually tiles are the choice for most of the homes because they are easy to clean and they don’t get stains. However, the bathrooms can reflect luxury if the dark coloured carpets are laid in the bathrooms as it is done in corporate hotels.

Carpet in Bathroom
  1. Well organized pantry

To organize the pantry is always a tedious task, but honestly, it will never be this perfect and neat. You can try and get some furniture to organize the pantry as well.

Organized Pantry
  1. Stairs with storage

All the smart storage is good storage. This is both smart and good. But it takes so much more than just a flight of stairs. It requires a staircase that is made for this type of storage.

Stairs with Storage

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