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The Perfect Porch Swing


The porch swing is getting popular again but with a modern design made of wood, rattan or stainless steel.

The porch swing as an art object

The porch swing is an artistic design object combined with a touch of luxury. There are various styles like white steel tube frame, floral upholstery or soft top with fringe like it came out of Hollywood movies of the 60s and 70s. With simple, linear forms, natural materials and upholstery in black or white , the new Hollywood swings fit perfectly with modern architecture and sophisticated residential design.

Modern Porch Swing

The swinging sun bed made of wood and metal

Wood, polished stainless steel, rattan, plastic weave are the materials being used for new swings matching the outdoor furniture. This also applies for designs featuring cubic shapes with elegant, delicate curves.

New to the swings is the flexibility because frame and roof are no longer rigid and the sunroofs can be removed and backrest can be repositioned. The brashly colorful flower pattern has disappeared from the porch swing and more natural tones now dominate the seats.

The new design also fits into the living room

The porch swing does not fit just out on the terrace or in the garden.  The new designs now appear as a swinging couch or lounge in the living room. By choosing the weatherproof and at the same time cozy materials, some sun loungers are suitable for both indoors and outdoors and as an unconventional substitute for sofa and chair. So the swing is no longer like garden furniture looks but fits perfectly in the living room. Also, free swings which are hung on ropes from the ceiling are an extravagant eye-catcher.

Modern conditions make the porch swing weatherproof

From the choice of material, the requirements depends also on how weatherproof the swing must be so that it can remain in rainy weather on the terrace or it should be covered. Biggest weakness is usually not the frame, but the fabric of the roof and seat cushion. Virtually all manufacturers produce their swings now the way so that they can sometimes bear an uncertain rain.

The best place for the sun lounger

A porch swing does best where you can enjoy a beautiful view, for example the garden pond, beside the pool or in a secluded corner of the garden. In a bench swing one settles down, to relax, and to withdraw from the stresses of everyday life. When setting up the porch swing, one must check that there is a level ground and naturally enough space to rock, both forward and backward. A balcony due to its small depth is rather unsuitable for the porch swing.

Prices from cheap to luxury

What does a good porch swing costs? The price depends on size, material and equipment. Cheap swings made ​​of wood or metal in a simple quality can be ordered online already for $300-450. For quality swings from brand manufacturers with rain-resistant cushions you have to invest a few hundred dollars more.


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