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Tips for Purchasing Garden Chairs & Outdoor Sunbeds


The garden chairs for sunbathing are one of the most popular outdoor furniture and the classic patio furniture. Here are some tips for you to consider when you want to buy garden sunbeds and garden chairs.

Beautiful Outdoor Sunbeds

Aluminum, wood or wicker

Modern sunbeds have the cheap-looking and rickety models made of white plastic. Today the range is larger and further developed the materials. In addition to high-quality plastics, plastic fabrics and natural fiber plastic often stainless steel and aluminum are used. They are not only more durable but give the garden both sophistication and style.

Garden sun lounger
Garden sun lounger

A classic material for garden lounger is wood, especially weather-resistant teak. Because of its durability, it can be also used in winter outdoors. Because teak is a tropical wood, you should look for nature conservation on teak and get it from sustainable sources.

Shapes and design of garden chairs

Not only have the materials but also design options for the garden or sun beds have become more diverse. Originally intended for travelers on cruise ships to enjoy the sun on deck, the Deckchair is probably the father of today’s sun loungers. Prices range depending on the type of construction and materials used.

Weatherproof upholstery

What good is the most beautiful garden chair when it is not convenient? For this reason, supports and cushions have always been popular, to make the sun on a plastic or wooden deck enjoyable. However, in the rain, they were problematic. Due to their material usually they quickly absorbed in the wet and dried slowly. Mildew and a musty smell were the result.

Outdoor Chair cushions
Outdoor Chair cushions

Today’s outdoor cushions no longer have the problem. Woven from extremely fine nylon yarns, partially coated with Teflon and fitted with a water-resistant foam core, they can stay out even in a rainstorm. Some manufacturers are now so are confident about their products that they admit their pillows and cushions can be kept outside for a whole season.

Size of the garden chairs

In addition to design, materials and padding, you should pay attention to the size before buying a sunbed. The angle of the seat back is important. Who likes to read while sunbathing or lying on the abdomen, it is advisable to try out the different positions of the backrest. It is important to pay attention to whether the positions are comfortable and whether the lying surface can be adjusted quite flat.

garden chairs
garden chairs

The garden chairs should be easy to move. A sun lounger with low weight or with wheels is an advantage here. One should invest in a deck made of weatherproof teak, so one doesn’t have to think about storage in cold weather. It will be great if the furniture can be space-saving to fold and easily stacked one above the other. These are some of the unique advantages to consider while purchasing the furniture. If you want to buy furniture, keep reading tips given by DecorHD and enjoy your summers out in the sun with family.

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