Home Interior 12 Ingenious Tricks That Make Your Home Brighter and Airier

12 Ingenious Tricks That Make Your Home Brighter and Airier


Does it feel dark and cramped at your home? Say goodbye to that – with the right tricks, you can get the entire room feel large and bright. DecorHD shares 12 simple fixes that will make your life a little brighter.

  1. Conjure With Mirrors

The mirrors reflect light is not news. You can make a mirrored wall with several small mirrors with different shapes to create dynamic effects. The room will certainly feel twice as big.

Home Decor with Mirrors
  1. Fix windows between rooms

Windows between rooms is an excellent idea for those who want to light up a room. Obviously you have to check that it is not supporting walls and you may end up weakening the structure of the house.

  1. Lighten Up With Splashes of Color
Yellow home interior
Yellow home interior

Exploding yellow and pale pastels has the ability to light up a dull and lifeless home. Try painting on a light yellow. You can also experiment and brighten up the house with yellow pillows. The cabinet can also be painted with light, brightening colours like orange.

  1. Move the plants!

Remove bulky plants and pots from the window, they steal a lot of natural light from the room. Make a flower wagon which you can scroll to the appropriate window, or away from the window, when you want.

  1. Opt for flexible lighting
Home Lighting interior
Home Lighting interior

Having multiple directional lamps, high and low makes the room both bright and vivid even in the darkest hours of the day. There are several adjustable and flexible lamps in industrial-inspired design.

  1. Do not cover the windows

Do you have small windows at home? Transparent lamp bases and glass cups will not stop the light, but it helps to look further inside the window frame. They light up when the evening darkness appears.

  1. Gloss

Shiny surfaces do wonders for a room struggling with the light. Marble, stainless steel, high gloss cabinets and lacquered floors help to reflect the light. And why not try to bargain in high gloss paint? It will be bring both a fun contrast and a light effect to the room.

  1. Obtain transparent furniture

Glass table is perfect to decorate with when you have either narrow or dark rooms. The transparent glass lets through the light and the furniture does not feel bulky.

  1. Dare white with life

White wallpaper with patterns, color shifts or mixed finish makes your wall living and create space in the room.

white room

  1. Details of shiny metal

The popular copper trend is absolutely the right moment. The shiny metal will also look quite excellent in dark homes. Lights, lamps and daylight beautifully reflected in the shiny casing.

  1. Focus in textiles

Instead of having a room with dark shades of dark, invest in gauzy curtains instead. There is variety of curtains available at great prices in the market.

  1. Lift up with fairy lights

You can decorate the home with smaller yet beautiful lights and use them to decorate and brighten up the house.

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