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Wooden Flooring for Balconies and Terraces


What should be the flooring for terraces and balconies?  The choice depends on the size of the living area. We give you tips about the different materials and show which flooring is suitable to bring the desired wooden, cozy appearance to your terrace and balcony.

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Wood or stone

It is one of the most important decisions when decorating the balcony and terrace i.e. the choice of the right flooring. Because of the nature of the material, there is a direct effect on the feeling of space outdoors. Wood brings warmth and homeliness, concrete works technically cool, natural stone ensures an individual expression – for every style we find the appropriate flooring.

Style and appearance are but not only points that count in the choice of flooring. While wood flooring and wooden tiles also can be dismantled relocated easily on existing balcony and terrace floors, the concrete and natural stone floors need be firmly laid at a greater expense.

But for many people, the wood is still best choice in the house and garden. And they have good arguments on their side that wood is not only visually warm, but also has a pleasant feel and is extremely versatile. But there are limits. Usually, the planks are simply screwed to a wooden frame, which rests on the ground or elevated on a foundation.

There are alternatives that are easier and cheaper than the natural material. One can use the wood tiles on the terrace which are a relatively small and made into square plastic shapes which are joined together to make it possible in no time to give a wooden look and cover surface of nearly any size. Wooden tiles with a smaller surface area are suitable for balconies and roof terraces, since they can be relatively easily adapted to the dimensions of the base.

To cover greater terraces, the bigger boards are available that are similar to the wood tile floors and themselves are connected to one another. These can also be laid on the existing floor. Thus, with relatively little effort, the appearance of classic wooden decks can be brought on the terrace which is a brilliantly simple solution to cover the old concrete on the terrace in a rented house.

Flooring made of wood: This is what counts

Wood for outdoors must be weatherproof and last longer than just one season. The rule of thumb when choosing the variety is that the harder, the better as the classic high-quality wood that is more durable hardwood like the oak or ash, which slowly grows and becomes dense wood for many years, stays beautiful and remains stable.

Wood Plastic Composite, WPC is a mix of plastic and wood fibers, which combines the advantages of both materials. So WPC is especially durable and easy to care and it has matt surface yet it is similar to the feel of natural wood. With its longitudinally grooved surface and the gray-brown color, the WPC floorboards are almost indistinguishable at first glance from dark real wood planks.  Also wooden tiles for the balcony or floorboards with connecting hooks are now made of WPC in wood look that are durable and almost as beautiful alternative to natural wood.

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