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Best Balcony Plants Ideas


Which plants are the right ones for your balcony, depends on your needs and the location of the balcony. A shady location is suitable for some flowers and for some a sunny balcony. If you do not want to invest a lot of time in the balcony plants, your choice is perhaps to get more perennial plantings.

Balcony Plants Ideas
Balcony Plants Ideas

Other flowers look particularly nice, but their care is challenging and requires some expertise. In the nursery, the seller can advise and educate about specific properties of plants. To be well prepared, check these three things before you go into the garden center to buy balcony plants:

  • How big are your balcony and how much space you have for balcony plants?
  • What direction has your balcony – north, south, east or west?
  • Which color suits to the balcony decoration?

Perennial plants

Balcony Perennial plants
Balcony Perennial plants

Some balcony plants can live over several years and even survive the winter and frost without damage. Such plants are particularly well suited for home gardeners who do not want to re-invest a lot of time in the greening of the balconies every year.

For the sunny balcony

An all-time favorite among sun-seeking balcony plants are Mediterranean as sage and thyme that can stand up in full sun and are easy to clean. The shrubs rosemary and lavender tolerate the heat as well. A nice side effect to this can be that the balcony plants spread pleasant herbal scent.

sunny balcony plants
sunny balcony plants

The patio and balcony plant Oleander conjures unique flavor to the balcony. The shrub flowers come in many shades between white, red or yellow. Optimal balcony plants for a sunny balcony are bluebells, geraniums, and the yellow-flowered Euphorbia or blood cranesbill with its purple flowers. The uncomplicated flowering stonecrop, begonias or petunias are also suitable as plants for a balcony.

Tips for sunny places

  • Mediterranean plants such as sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender can tolerate much sun
  • Classic Flowers for the balcony are geranium or petunia
  • Wherever possible, choose large plants
  • Lavender is one of the plants that tolerates much sun and gives scent
bougainvillea balcony plants
bougainvillea balcony plants

For those who like it flourishing lush and classic geraniums or bougainvillea are great as balcony plants. These balcony plants are simple. If you don’t want watering them twice a day, you should choose large vessels for balcony plants. Even better: Mix the soil of balcony plants with a generous serving of clay. This saves water when the rest of the soil is dry.

 For balconies with shade or partial shade

Flowering season, perennials and small shrubs flourish as balcony plants on the north facade or in the shade. A survivor, which needs no sun, is the fuchsia. It blooms and feels fit as a fiddle, where other balcony plants have long hanging leaves.

Tips for shady locations

  • Balcony plants: fuchsia, monkshood, Bellflower also thrive in the shadow
  • Cover balcony plants on cold nights with newspaper
  • Choose bright and light-reflective exterior paint

For pots and boxes in the shade snowflakes flower or tuberous begonias are good options. Those who prefer a delicate and blue colour, which are warmly recommended the balcony plants lobelia, ageratum will work.

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