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Floor planning is one of the most important aspects of Interior designing. It is advisable to draw up various possibilities of floor plans and be creative while at it to strike a balance between utility and design aesthetics. To make good decisions we need to have a step-wise structure of doing things to streamline the process and make the designing as simple a task as possible.

Floor planning
Floor planning

Floor plans chalk up the suitability and practicality of rooms and creates helps create the best layout possible for comfort and utility. Floor plans can be draw up for offices, bathrooms, family rooms, bedrooms and so on and so forth. When chalking up any form of design we must think out of the box and create the beautiful, magnificent places we call out rooms and homes, we must be creative and stylish with our choices and create something that totally stands out. Before planning it is advisable to imagine the final results and create the plans accordingly to suit our design taste and palates, and create the interiors of out dreams.

There are some things to be properly considered to ensure there are no difficulties while implementing the plan later:

Home Plan – We must consider at first the plan of the entire home, consulting the architecture and construction design plans is a must before modelling the floor plans. We have to consider the space, the suitability and utility of the plan to make the rooms as functional as possible and making the most of the usable space that is available to us.

Plan for electric wiring and telecommunication  – We have to plan out the electrical wiring and communication cable wiring in the rooms and consider the construction design for power outlets, switches etc.

Proportion: When we design floors we assess he overall space we create the plans in proportion with respect to free space and used space to ensure proper organization of the room with a good environment and eye-pleasing aesthetics.

Furniture Planning:

Furniture Planning
Furniture Planning

We must make the most out the floor spaces and make sure the space available is not poorly used, the space must be efficiently used. Furniture planning must be done to ensure maximum utility of space so that the plan is organized and efficient.

Money management: Money management is another important aspect of floor planning, as we are limited by our resources. There must be a correct purchase of materials and tools, excess or too little quantity of materials should be avoided, and money should be properly managed in floor planning so as to ensure the best output possible from the given investment.


Floor paint colours
Floor paint colours

Floor planning doesn’t end with utility and comfort alone, it should be eye pleasing and factors like what paint colours should be used on the floor, or if tiles should be used or should we stick to a classic carpet. It should suit the environment of the final results with great designs.

Time Management: Time should be properly utilized during the planning process to ensure the best results in the best possible time.
If properly done, floor planning can be a success and be the base for beautiful houses with exquisite interiors.

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