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This summer, it’s time to boil outside in the outdoor kitchen. Whether risotto, gourmet dinners or grilled steak, the outdoor kitchen can be ideal for a vegetarian, gourmet or barbecue fans to cook through the steam.

Outdoor kitchen Ideas
Outdoor kitchen Ideas

If the kitchen is in the garden, you can save yourself long walks from the house into the garden, and the food gets cold as the guests sit outside alone.

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen gives you the luxury of being able to decide spontaneously what and how you want to cook or barbecue in the garden. After all, there are the modern models that can actually help with everything while cooking food. Many outdoor kitchens are equipped at least with a cooking area and a barbecue. So you can cook spaghetti as well as use the wok dishes or even a grilled steak. The beauty of an outdoor kitchen is that you do not need to stand alone in the kitchen, but you would like to chat with the guests while you prepare food at the outdoor station.

Equipment and Accessories

An outdoor kitchen is a little fitted kitchen. In addition to several gas burners, a well-equipped outdoor kitchen has a barbecue and the possibility of a using a wok. Some models offer supports for skewers, where one can roast. In some kitchen models one can even bake in the kitchen garden. But before you invest in professional equipment, do some cooking experiments in the open air as a simple outdoor kitchen with gas burner and possibly a barbecue area is sufficient.

Outdoor kitchen With barbecue
Outdoor kitchen With barbecue

Apart from the actual cooking area an outdoor kitchen should have sufficient workspace. Only in this way it is possible to prepare all meals. Storage space and storage space for kitchen utensils facilitate work at the cooking station. It becomes extremely practical if an outdoor kitchen has a sink and has a tap. Simply connect the garden hose to the usual sink and you have fluent water in the outdoor kitchen. So you can in the outdoor kitchen, clean your own garden vegetables and the kitchen in the house stays clean.

Luxury outdoor kitchen
Luxury outdoor kitchen

Luxury versions of the outdoor kitchen offer hotplate, worktop and sink even the possibility of electrical devices to integrate. Furnaces, induction stoves or refrigerators are possible in such a garden kitchen. More equipped it becomes the price gets closer to a good kitchen. Moreover, without technology, a good outdoor kitchen is not very favorable. So, one must be sure of the budget.

As the name suggests, an outdoor kitchen has to withstand weather. For this reason, high-quality, durable materials such as stainless steel, teak and the granite countertops must be used in an outdoor kitchen. This makes the kitchen fit for the garden.

It should also have wheels to keep it movable. It is simply more flexible then to cook on the terrace, in the garden or in strong sunlight, even under the umbrella. One can also build the outdoor at his own but it requires great craftsmanship.

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