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The Matching Grill Ideas


Today there are many offers to buy a barbecue grill for your garden. There are variants of gas and electricity, as well as and various forms of the grill alongside the good old barbecue that uses charcoal.

barbecue grill Garden
barbecue grill Garden

But there can’t be much space available on the terrace and balcony, so one need to find the right grill.

Charcoal grill

All-time favorite for most of the people when it comes to buying a grill is the classic charcoal grill. It is traditional for summer enjoyment, as it brings the desired smoke flavor. These vary from cheap barbecue grills to the luxury versions.

Garden Charcoal grill
Garden Charcoal grill

Round shape is now becoming more popular in the garden and on the terrace. It allows covering as well for long cooking times at low temperatures. Thanks to separate ash container at the bottom of the charcoal grill that can be cleaned easily, because the ash almost automatically falls into the collection container.

The charcoal grill Overview

  • Suitability: terrace and garden
  • Positives: real barbecue feeling with smokiness
  • Negative: Place needs to be present. Ignite takes some time.
  • Grill-types: direct and indirect grilling for steaks and bread

Gas grill

Increasingly popular is the gas grill as well. Its main advantage is that within a few minutes, the gas burner can heat up the grill. The grilling can begin almost instantly. The annoying height adjustment of the grate also omitted: If the grill is too hot, the temperature can be regulated easily using a rotary switch.

Gas grill
Gas grill

The gas grill Overview

  • Suitability: terrace and garden
  • Positive: fast heating without much smoke
  • Negatives: The grill requires sufficient space and spare gas cylinders.
  • Grill-types: indirect and direct

Unlike the coal variant, the gas grills hardly produces any smoke and in lesser space, it is an important advantage. The standard grill is mostly boxy with a hood cover; the material consists of stainless steel or enameled steel. Some manufacturers offer spherical grill as well. The gas cylinder is necessary to operate at all. For your own safety you should always pay attention to proven safety signs on the grill when buying.

The electric grill

Almost non-smoking and bringing up quick heat are electric grill that are especially must for the balcony owners. But even on the terrace such a grill is appreciated by all who do not want fiddling with hot coals or gas flame.

The electric grill
The electric grill

The electric grill Overview

  • Suitable for: balconies and small terraces
  • Positives: compact dimensions, low smoke, easy cleaning
  • Negative: limited barbecue experience as it works without coal
  • Grill species: only suitable for direct grilling

What you should look at the Grill

Not alone the fuel and the external shape are important for a barbecue. In some models, the spacing is relatively large, so that smaller barbecue food can easily slip in between. In addition to the standard Stainless Steel racks and massive cast iron grates are also recommended as they save the heat very well and are easy to clean. Two other important points when purchasing the grill are the storage facility and the mobility of the grill.

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