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Decorating Family Photos in Creative Way In The Living Room


Do you want to decorate you Living room with your Family photos? For this you need to find a creative way. Decorating your living room is one creative idea to decorate your interiors.

living room With Family photos
living room With Family photos

You can creatively arrange the photographs for best effects and unique decoration. Here’s how you can do it.

Use Frames and mounts

Black and white photographs of relatives and friends on mounts would look quite elegant. With gray picture frame, one can still emphasize this effect. Let the pictures hang very close to each other as it looks modern and tidy.

Black and white photographs In Living Room
Black and white photographs In Living Room

You can use the special pictures for decoration and framing and the photos to bring back memories! When you think family photos are not right for the purpose, you can use vintage photos. Photos that are exclusively in black and white look very elegant.

Create unity

At flea markets and in furniture stores, one can buy old frames made from wooden, plastic, narrow, wide, simple, ornate, small and large. Then you can have them painted with a dark gray acrylic paint.

old frames Living room
old frames Living room

That gives them a noble and uniform look. Try to make the shapes and the colors of the frame similar or the ensemble would act too chaotic and distracted by the pictures.

Find the right partner

You can have frames and photos together but every frame may not be suitable for every photograph. You can put everything out on the floor and start to solve this puzzle. Which picture goes with which frame? Does it look better if it is placed in the center or continues on the edge? And you can just go with your taste.

Set variety

Mounts with bevel cut will look high. You can hire a frame maker for this combination.  The photos are sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes left, sometimes right. Thus, the arrangement will look more modern and varied, despite the more classical mounts.

Establish harmony

You can hang the pictures like musical notes in harmony. From top to bottom the rows form a harmonious line. Thanks to the different sizes of the photos and frame and the symmetry. This creates attraction and putting the family pictures here is exceptionally good!

Create delicate color scheme

Photos with color contrast can wonderfully set the scene. You can place them on construction paper in soft pink, green and blue.

 Focus on the background

It need not always be the framework. Hang pictures with masking tape or metal terminals, this looks easy and is also flexible and inexpensive.

Pictures with masking tape Living room
Pictures with masking tape Living room

The background with a simple wooden board looks cool which can be painted with acrylic paint. The blue colour is also decent, so it does not compete with the colorful pictures.

Create Boundaries

Family photos, metal signs, well-designed flyer and more, you can have everything mixed together on a single wall. Some designs depend on each other, other project laterally beyond the edge of the wood panel. Such details make a casual impression and form a loose framework for family pictures.

Family photos Living Room
Family photos Living Room

You can always use these ideas to mount and hang beautiful pictures of your family and friends or any other photograph that you like on the walls of your living room.

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