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Bamboo Garden Ideas


With modernity craving for yesterday’s glory, the concept of beauty has changed today. The trend of Bamboo Gardens taking a toll in homes and professional places tells us the same. Just  imagine, what an amazing experience it would be for you to be around the lush green plants while working on your laptop or talking with your family members!

Bamboo Garden
Bamboo Garden

Let’s talk about ideas that’ll help you to design and plan a bamboo garden of your own.

Decide your Spot

You must start your plan by choosing a right spot for your bamboo garden. You can go with it on  the front yard or sideways if you have enough space on either of the sides. But you can also  try for the rooftop in other circumstances.

Bamboo Garden Backyard
Bamboo Garden Backyard

After this you are able to further choose your  species of bamboo plants. The ones adaptable for growth in pots and containers are usually more  suitable for rooftop garden whereas the others suits well enough for the lawns downstairs.

Make it Genuine

Try to make your garden as much real as you can! It means that you must avoid the artificial articles and objects in the garden as that interferes with its natural theme. You may also use  some oriental themes like the statue of Lord Buddha or a wooden lap that would provide the  whole place an ancient beauty. You must also be very careful while choosing the furniture as  this has the capability to either upgrade or downgrade the aesthetic appearance of your ‘bamboo  garden’.

Just think innovative and out of the box! Why can’t you use a wooden log as chairs in  the garden. Nothing could provide a more genuine outlook than it! But make sure that you don’t  have to compromise with your comfort while using natural components in the garden. At any time  if you do feel the artificial furnitures to be more suitable for you, just flip it.

Floor that Matters

While setting up the bamboo garden, your main idea is to provide a natural scenery of the place where you live and work. This task would be incomplete, if the floors are ignored! Many homes, these days are having the floors of pebbles, stones and gravel with some grass equally sprinkled in patches. This gives an authentic look but may make you compromise with the  smooth and comfortable marble floor on which you could have walked on with your partner in the evening.

Bamboo garden marble floors
Bamboo garden marble floors

For this you may go to the balanced composition of marble floors near your sitting  place along with the natural outset near the bamboo plants. Keeping some narrow lanes of wood  or marble floors amongst the pebble floor could also enhance the experience as well as the  appearance of your natural garden.

Take care of your Jewels

The jewels in your garden are your Bamboo plants. Make it sure that they are placed somewhere from where they could get enough sunlight. If not taken care, your beautiful garden could turn  out to be an ugly graveyard in a few months. You can also build a boundary around plants to  keep them safe and protected.

Using glass for this purpose could be the best choice. You may  also install some artificial lights that focus on your plants. That would make it a real jewel  in the evening when the golden light would enhance the incredible beauty of your garden.

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