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Best Laundry Room Design Ideas


That’s amazing but true that an average American spends more time in the  laundry than in the bathroom. Then why to ignore it when it consumes a major  part of your time while washing tonnes of clothes in a year?

Laundry Room
Laundry Room

With households nowadays having their laundries in their homes, this trait of home-designing  is becoming popular these days. Let us try to understand what you should be  doing to make your laundry better and more convenient.

Make it a part of Your Home

Most of the homes used to have their laundries in their basements alienated  from the rest of the home. But nowadays, with changing priorities and time  becoming much costlier, people are merging laundries either with their  kitchen or their bathroom. By this you can possibly perform two works at a single go of time beside being much more attentive to both of them.

Basements laundries
Basements laundries

These days we can even see the laundries being installed in bedrooms, that are actually larger in sizes for increasing the convenience of the family. One should try to keep it utmost integrated with the family in order to benefit the most out of it.

The Right Place and Space

Considering the space in your home, one must provide a perfect space and  place in your washer and dryer along with other needed objects. If possible,  the washer and dryer may be placed in some of the vacant closet in the hall.  However, it completely one’s own choice to decide its position. Amidst this, the installation of a cabinet, shelf and a sink must not be forgotten. With a shelf overhead, supplies like cloth conditioner and detergents could  conveniently be placed.

Cabinet shelf and a sink In laundries
Cabinet shelf and a sink In laundries

A folding table nearby could also make it easier for  one to fold clothes in an arranged manner. There must also be a space for  hanging the clothes that need air to dry. All this should be kept in mind in  the primary design and installation of one’s laundry room. An ironing centre  is also must for every household desiring its own laundry.

Optimum Use is the Best Policy

Baskets Drawers Cabinets and Racks laundries
Baskets Drawers Cabinets and Racks laundries

With the efficient use of baskets, Drawers, Cabinets and Racks in or nearby your laundry room could enhance the convenience and effectiveness of your  designed laundry. Installing it near a window could further increase the  benefits of eating a natural light for the task. Use of wooden furniture with waterproof capability is highly recommended. A home-laundry with proximity to an open area could provide the family a ready made drying-spot.

All Depends on Your Need

Beside having a good laundry idea, one must choose the installation according  to one’s own household needs. Like, it depends on what type and quantity of  clothes one has to deal with. Large quantities of clothes to wash can make  suitable for you to have a separate in-house laundry with good storage.

Usage  of ironing could also decode the complexities of one’s laundry room. Like, there are some families who mostly use iron-free clothes. This reduces their chance to have a separate ironing center. Families having huge lawns can also use the natural sun rays to dry their clothes, hence, less dependent on the in-house space, especially provided for the air-drying for some recommended clothes.

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