Home Interior Tweaks and Tips For Great Home Lobby Design Ideas

Tweaks and Tips For Great Home Lobby Design Ideas


The lobby is that area of a house where most people will have their guest bathroom and other rooms. It also combines your kitchen, hall room and various rooms, so it is important that this junction is well thought of when designing your house. There are many lobby design ideas available, but it all depends upon your requirement and the way you would want the area to look like. It is not at all different than redecorating the other areas of the house, so the same principles apply here too as the other places.

Home Lobby Design
Home Lobby Design

The lobby area is different in different houses. In some houses, it is a long corridor whereas in other houses it is spacious and large. Both of the examples require different types of decoration and so the lobby design ideas are vastly dissimilar. Another important feature of the lobby is it is one of the main places where one does not have to arrange seating arrangement and there is hardly any furniture requirement.

Some important things to take notice of while decorating the house are:

  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Wall Hangings
  • Aromas


Home Lobby lighting
Home Lobby lighting

The lighting in the lobby is the most important part. For long corridors, lobby needs to be well lit as it may not have any source of natural lighting. Warm lighting like yellow or some similar coloured lights need to be a part of the lobby design ideas. Another great lobby design idea is to tactfully use reflectors like mirrors. This way the light requires is minimum and some natural light illuminates the lobby. However, if the lobby is windowed or glass walled then it is not required.


A lobby needs windows. Otherwise, it is just some dead space with no ventilation. So if you do get to be a part of the lobby floor plans, try to incorporate some windows on the walls. At the same time, the lobby windows can be embellished with natural plants and flowers which give the house a natural smell as opposed to the artificial but strong smell of air fresheners.

Home Lobby with windows
Home Lobby with windows

This also helps in cases where the lobby is connected to the guest bathroom. This way, the guests are not nauseated by the stink that is emitted by the bathroom, if any. Windows allow natural lighting and the choice of a proper lobby colour is an important selection in decorating lobby design ideas simply.

Wall Hangings

The lobby is an area devoid of human activity. So what happens when a person has to wait in the lobby, he cannot just have nothing to do. Lobby area design should use wall hangings as means of filling up the open space on the walls. This could mean using photographs or other memories. Also, some other famous art pieces will be a good addition to the lobby.


Last but not the least: the smell of the lobby. As already mentioned using windows and plants is a good remedy to any residual stink, of a bathroom or otherwise. If this cannot be done, using a strong air freshener or a good air conditioner will do the trick.

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