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Basement Flooring Ideas


By converting your basement into a plush area for family use, you are able to add a brand new room to your home. The basement is an ideal location for a game room, a basement bar, a music room, gym, home office but it will need the right kind of flooring to last for long and bring out its real character. For ideal basement flooring ideas, keep reading.

Basement Flooring
Basement Flooring

Basement Flooring- The Centre of Attraction!

There are a few things to be remembered while the basement flooring is being done but the most important one is that the basement flooring does not follow the normal flooring norms. The basement floor area has close proximity to the ground and hence is exposed to the moisture. So the primary concern is to avoid the moisture and keep the flooring dry for use.

Best Flooring Ideas for Basements!

Let us look at a few basement flooring options that should suit your basement renovation plan:

Stone Look Vinyl Tiles:

Stone Look Vinyl Tiles Basement Flooring
Stone Look Vinyl Tiles Basement Flooring

These luxury tiles are soft and warm to touch and are resistant to cracks or chipping. They are water-resistant and are easy to install over the existing concrete. Stone designs look elegant and are a wonderful basement flooring idea for all your renovation plans.


  • It is twice as thick as a normal tile which offers better insulation against cold
  • Higher durability


  • High priced option for a vinyl tile
  • Look-wise, the wood look is more preferable

Wooden Look Plank:

Wooden Look Plank Basement Flooring
Wooden Look Plank Basement Flooring

This great-looking luxury plank is a great addition to your basement area as it is water-proof and gives the natural look of hardwood. Your existing basement floor easily moulds to its shape and fits easily on uneven surfaces.


  • High durability due to a thicker layer
  • Matches the looks of a real wood flooring


  • Lower perceived value due to the vinyl floor perception


Laminate Basement Flooring
Laminate Basement Flooring

Laminates are a great basement flooring option and there is no shrinking and warping involved. The laminate boards fit directly over the existing concrete floor and do not need any tools or adhesives.


  • Ideal for basement flooring since it is warmer
  • 100% water resistant
  • Easy Installation


  • Gives a hollow feeling
  • Sub-floor installation required

Vinyl Sheets:

Vinyl Sheets Basement Flooring
Vinyl Sheets Basement Flooring

To keep your basement moisture-free, the use of Vinyl sheets or tiles is useful and do not need any adhesive, etc. for fitting. You can design your basement floor by making a checkerboard design by using the peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. This flooring is almost seamless when used as a sheet while the tiles may allow a bit of moisture seepage.

Pros of Vinyl Sheets:

  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used in a DIY project
  • Water-Resistant
  • Offers warm touch

Cons of Vinyl Sheets:

  • Needs a clean and even surface for adhesion
  • It is considered as a cheap option

Your friends and family member will surely enjoy coming to this wonderfully designed basement that is adorned with the best of basement flooring ideas in the market. You will never have to worry about flooding in this area and keep the lowest level of your home in great conditions for years to come. Implement these basement flooring ideas and live worry-free.

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