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Make your Outdoor Wall Art Ideas your Neighbours’ Envy!


Make your experience of outdoor time- gardening, lounging and outdoor barbecue truly enjoyable by using the right kind of decorations and Outdoor Wall Art Ideas for the exterior of your house. One might be worried about the impending wear and tear due to weather conditions. However some innovations which look smart and are cost effective might put you ease.

Outdoor Wall Art
Outdoor Wall Art

During spring and summer when most time is spent outdoor, let the skin of your house be the neighbours’ envy. Here are some easy to try outdoor concepts that you can experiment with:

Make use of the Greenery!

Outdoor Wall mounted plants
Outdoor Wall mounted plants

Make use of the natural beauty outside by planting small saplings in colourful containers and nailing them to the outside wall. Such Outdoor Wall Art Ideas of wall mounted plants look exquisite and is an eco-friendly venture.

Take your Paint Brushes Out!

Remember the spray paintings that you were taught in school? Spray paint wall art on canvases to be hung on the outside wall might be a good wall decorations for the summer before the rains come pouring in.

Take out your stencils and paint brushes and get going!

Change the Shabby into new by Innovative Outdoor Wall Art Ideas!     

Make the most of the unwanted backyard elements by giving them a fresh touch-up. Transform your old problem wall into an eye pleaser by giving it a fresh coat of bright paint and hang moss baskets from it.

Mask it Up!

Clay masks of different sizes may adorn your outside wall and give it a Mediterranean style-outdoor look. This can be teamed with big clay pots on the floor to complete the look.

The Wall Art for your Porch.

Porch Wall Art
Porch Wall Art

The Porch Wall Art is an extremely easy to execute project involving rolled moss glued to the back of big frames. The beauty lies in the way one can make changes to it to suit the framework of the house. One can always experiment with the shapes of the frame on the wall,

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Mirror outdoor Wall Art
Mirror outdoor Wall Art

Mirrors are the easiest available options for any wall decor. A mirror is known to reflect light and make any space look bigger than it actually is. Placed strategically on the outside wall of the house or on the front porch, a mirror might actually reflect a beautiful view of the garden, giving it the feel of a huge photo frame up on the wall.

Don’t Waste-Let’s Recycle!

Recycling something and putting it to good use is always commendable. Turning old windows and planters for the house’s outside wall can be one such idea. Brightly coloured in contrast to the outside wall and with slight decoration on the panes, from afar it might give the impression of a functional window up on the wall.

There goes the Hose!

Colour your garden hoses in vibrant shades and bend them into shapes of flowers and leaves and glue them to your garden shed or garage wall. This Outside Wall Art Idea adds the fun element to your otherwise mundane seating area and is extremely cheap and affordable.

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