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All about Japanese Futons and Pillows


Since centuries, Japanese have followed the same cultural norm of living a little space. An average Japanese family has had one room that served the purpose of sleeping, living, eating and working. This simple and one room set up gave rise to the Japanese futon bed. Since Japanese concept of futons became customary to Americans, futonbedsfromJapan took the honor of bringing authentic Japanese futons to European market. They hand make high quality 100% cotton filled traditional Japanese futons and futon sets in Japan-using the highly skilled Japanese craftsmen.


Futons not only offer the ease of multi-usage but also allow you to use the same space for another living purpose. The traditional Japanese futons are usually packed and tucked away in the closet during the day. However, they can even be used for sitting purpose, but if you want to take advantage of a futon-it’s recommended you use the entire futon set.

Futons also give you the luxury to have your own custom made futon mattress. You can choose your own futon cover and matching accessories to complete the look of your room. But to be able to use the Japanese futon mattress, you should know a little about it, here’s some information you can use:

Shikibuton-The Japanese Futon Mattress

The basis behind a shikibuton is not being a cheap alternative of a luxurious foam bed. Rather to provide a complete sleep system with health benefits and comfort. However, the level of comfort in a mattress is subjective to individual liking. Futon mattress on the other hand is generally known as hard surface bedding.

Japanese Shikibuton
Japanese Shikibuton

Japanese relate their sleep to the health, for them it’s every important to consider what you sleep on. Although a few studies support the benefit of hard surface for back pain and spinal cord alignment, but as seen in Japanese way of living-futons fully support the concept. But for whichever purpose your transition from a bed to futon, do consult with your physician and choose accordingly.

Your body takes at least a week to adjust to the sleeping surface. Since you can have custom made futons, therefore you can start from a thicker versions and gradually descend to the original Japanese futon mattress. Since everybody is unique and requires different level of comfort to sleep properly, therefore it’s best to get your futon custom made.

Kakebuton- The Japanese Comforter

Kakebuton is the Japanese comforter or quilt that is also 100% cotton filled. The reason why traditional Japanese products are cotton made is because, cotton suits their climate conditions. It gives warm feel during winters and feather like feel during summers. It’s lightweight and 100% cotton filled and can easily be cleaned and tucked away.


The benefits of futon sets are many; the most significant however is being hypo-allergenic and inhospitable to dust mites. And they are also mildew resistant. So all those who are sensitive to dust mites and skin allergies can stay healthy and free from such conditions.

Makuras-The Japanese Pillows

Pillow in Japan is known as Makura. It has been used since ever and is still the most popular sleeping necessity. Since futon is firm, therefore to support the neck and head, a pillow is crucial for perfect alignment.

Makuras Pillows
Makuras Pillows

Since Makura has 100% cotton filling, so the neck and head also stays cool as it absorbs sweat and allows heat to dissipate.
Your Japanese makura will have a special traditional matching pillow case; you can wash it and keep it clean by sunning it outdoor. The fabric itself is traditionally Japanese and handmade just like other futon accessories.

Significance of Japanese Futon and Pillow:

The busy routine and life gives everyone headache and backache, reasons can be many but as study reveals and as Japanese believe- unless the body is aligned perfectly, the sleep is complete, and health is good-your daily routine will have you working energetically. Good sleep is the key to a health life and routine.

Japanese Futon and Pillow
Japanese Futon and Pillow

Try the Japanese futon mattress with Japanese pillow. You will have your muscles in the proper cervical curvature, the nerves will be relaxed, your joints will not get loose, your spinal cord will be in the perfect shape, circulation will be proper, and your body will also be free from dust allergies. This overall effect of Japanese futon and pillow will increase your body comfort and will allow you to sleep faster.

The better we sleep the better will be our performance. Check online to see the variety of designs, patterns, and colors you can have for the covers of your futon set. Once you try the traditional Japanese futon mattress and pillow, do not forget to share your feedback. This can definitely help other customers to take advantage of Japanese health secrets.

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