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The Benefits And Uses Of Glass Shower Doors


Find out why getting rid of shower curtains is the best bet and how to get them replaced with glass shower doors.

Many of us swear by our shower curtains and wouldn’t dream of replacing them. They look beautiful, have colorful designs and are really funny if cats get involved. However, glass shower doors can be just as wonderful without the downfalls of shower curtains!

Glass Shower Doors
Glass Shower Doors

What Is The Deal With Glass Shower Doors?

Essentially, they have some benefits over shower curtains. Curtains are used widely since they are easy to purchase and fit. Not to mention, they are low on cost. Still, these small facts should change your mind about them.

  • Cleanliness: Glass doors are easier to clean as compared to curtains. You can rub a sponge over them, which can be close to impossible with the curtains. Glass shower enclosures do not get mold as easily and t spilling shampoo or hair color causes no damage. Chemical cleaners for the bathroom cannot be used on the curtains since they may react. This is not a danger with glass doors.
  • Water Spillage: While most curtains are supposed to keep the water in, they tend to fail at it. The only way to keep the water in is to weigh them down or pull them into the bathtub. Both of these methods sound pretty inconvenient. Glass doors for bathrooms ensure that there is no spillage of water, and the rest of bathroom remains dry.
  • Getting In The Way: When taking a bath or a shower, curtains usually get in the way. They do not provide any support when trying to get out of the shower or bathtub. In contrast, customized glass shower doors will have handles to support weight and help with climbing in and out.

Can I Customize My Glass Shower Enclosures?

There is no limit to what can be done with glass shower enclosures these days. When you are getting the shower curtains replaced, talk to the builder about your options.

Glass Doors
Glass Doors

The best and most popular designs for customized glass showers are:

  • Frosted Glass Shower Doors:
    Frosted Glass Shower Doors
    Frosted Glass Shower Doors

    These doors are frosted over so that they remain opaque. Unlike transparent doors, you can only see the outline of the person in the shower, which makes them perfect for privacy.

  • Frameless Glass Shower Doors:
    Frameless Glass Shower Doors
    Frameless Glass Shower Doors

    Instead of a heavy metal frame, these doors are thick and can support their weight. Most of them come with handles to open and close, and for support while standing. They give the bathroom a seamless feel and can be customized to any color.

  • Design Glass Shower Doors: Another great way to make the bathroom come alive is by getting a specific design on the glass door. A pattern, a scene from a book or even a photograph – any of these can be imprinted on the glass. Currently, characters and pop culture references are fairly popular.
  • Themed Glass Shower Doors –
    Themed Glass Shower Doors
    Themed Glass Shower Doors

    When the entire bathroom has been remodeled in a specific theme, the shower doors should not be left behind. One can get the glass shower doors done up in a specific manner, and have it look like a part of the puzzle!

There are many reasons to invest in new glass shower doors. They look quite wonderful and are a fitting way to redecorate a bathroom. It’s time to do away with the old shower curtains and try out glass shower doors. You will not be disappointed. To buy the similar furniture, you need not to go anywhere else as dreams.co.uk has everything that you ever imagined along with hundreds of promotional vouchers that can help you buying furniture with ease & stay in budget.

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