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Unique Ideas for Kids Room Decor


It is only a matter of time before your children grow older and eventually move out and away for university, or start working and begin the next chapter in their lives. However, for about 18 years, they have the luxury of living under your roof. Give them the bedroom they deserve with these unique ideas for kids room decor.

Kids Room Decor
Kids Room Decor

Organization: This isn’t a word that children use often. This is a way to trick them into keeping their toys off the floor when they’re not using them. If you have young kids make sure to keep everything at their height so you won’t be summoned to their room every time they want to play with Barbie. Cool storage blocks, benches, and even colourful shelving can help restore order to a kid’s bedroom.

For older kids who have replaced their toys with YA novels and gaming equipment, you can move the shelving off the ground and create fun wall storage for their stuff.

Art: Your child might be into trains now but in six months who knows what they’ll love? Kids change their likes and loves in a heartbeat. In order to combat a temper tantrum when they don’t want to look at trains anymore, try removable wall transfers. Like temporary tattoos or hair dye, these transfers can be removed without damaging the walls of your kid’s bedroom.

Another option is painting one wall white and allowing your child to create their own art with washable markers. You can also use chalkboard paint to give your kid space to draw whatever they want. As children grow, so do their interests. Avoid permanence with wall decor you can easily change.

Furniture: You probably don’t want your child to do their homework in front of the TV. When choosing a desk to house their computer and other homework-doing necessities, try one that takes up the least amount of space possible. You can find desks that can be bolted to the wall and folded up when not in use, or ones that have storage compartments. If possible, place the desk near a window to give your child enough natural light when they’re doing their homework or pretending to while they chat with their friends.

Kids Room furniture
Kids Room furniture

For younger kids, you want the furniture to be functional but also playful. Bunk beds offer a fun touch to any kid’s room; but stay away from racecar, princess or any themed beds. Your child will grow out of it sooner than you think.

Lighting: Unlock your child’s imagination at night with inspired lighting choices. Purchase glow in the dark shapes to hang over their bed. You can even add glow in the dark paint to areas of the room to act as a nightlight. Older children may not require a nightlight but you can still use glow in the dark paint in lesser-lit areas like their closet.

During the day the key is to let in as much natural light as possible. Energy efficient curtains in light fabrics and colours allow light in and keep harmful UV rays out. Also installing best windows and doors  in the room will aid the increase of natural lighting in the room. Besides overall lighting, a small reading light should be present next to your kid’s bed.

Give your child a room that’s as unique as they are. Decor doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is a little imagination!

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