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7 Essentials for your beedroom


Owning a home is one of the biggest wishes one can have. Of all the rooms a house can have, the bedroom is probably the most special place. Hence many spend a considerable amount of time and funds to ensure everything is perfect. As not everyone is a master in home decor, this guide is here to help. Here are seven things that everyone should have in their bedroom.

The bed is perhaps the most important as it is the place where one will spend nearly a third of his life. Yes, that is the amount an average human being spends sleeping throughout his entire life. There are multiple bed frames you can choose from, each having its advantages and disadvantages.

bedroom essentials
bedroom essentials

After settling on the right type of bed frame, you need to consider a comfy mattress. This will take away the dull look of your frame and make your bed look comfortable and the place where you want to rest at night. Apart from the mattress, there are pillows and bed sheets one needs to add. Dekortips.com has an interesting guide on bamboo sheets, covering various reviews as well as a guide on keeping your bed sheets clean.

Curtains are also essential for the room you will be sleeping. They allow controlling the amount of light that goes in the room. If one needs to rest during the day, curtains are perfect to make the room dark for a better sleep. They also make the room look luxurious and can be a great way to add an extra touch of color to the room.

The mirror is a must! As most likely the wardrobe is in the bedroom, there is a high chance you will be looking for a mirror every time you dress. You can hang it on the wall or even better, get a wardrobe that includes one.

Talking about wardrobe, this is probably the second most important thing in the room. This is where you will be keeping all the personal stuff. It is important to have a spacious wardrobe, so your clothes have enough space. This should have the same color as the bed frame, to keep it somewhat constant.

bedroom couch
bedroom couch

As beds are for sleeping, a couch is probably the right thing to have in the bedroom. If you, like me, like playing a lot of video games on console, a couch is going to make your gaming experience a lot better. If space does not allow for one or perhaps you are on a tight budget, a swivel chair can make up for it.

Lastly, side tables with lamps can turn out to be really useful. There are various things you can store there, ranging from chargers to headphones and whatnot. Lamps are there to make things easier at night when you need some light.

I hope this guide was of help to you and if you have any suggestions, I am open to reading them and include them in this article. Please use the comments section to express yourself!

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