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5 Top Kitchen Designs For Your Kitchen


If you think your kitchen design limits your options, think again! With modernized solutions for the most multifaceted profile and sizes, selecting a professional kitchen designer can help make any kitchen practical and elegant. A wise kitchen designer knows the tip-to-toe to design the kitchen layout that is best suitable to your needs, expectation and lifestyle. Best thing is to transform your kitchen into a dining and cooking haven!

Many of our basic home activities like – eating, cooking, drinking, cleaning and socializing – happens to be in the kitchen. This brings us to the need of making it both operational as well beautiful. Hence, measuring your kitchen space is important as well.

As soon as you’d completed measuring your kitchen arena and known the working area, you can then take the initiative to lay a perfectly suitable kitchen design for your kitchen! Make sure the kitchen design you select should depict your lifestyle as well the essentials you need in your kitchen. In fact, visiting a kitchen showroom nearby you is a wise step before implementing your kitchen studio.

Essential ones!

  • Do consider your personal factors as they might offer an impact on your selected kitchen design. Kids, room for storage, daily foot traffic are some of them!
  • Essential work triangle. The three points of the frequently mentioned work triangle are the cooking unit, sink and refrigerator. Try to incorporate it into your kitchen layout.
  • Don’t forget to allow ample amount of space between the Benchtops to hold for opening cabinet doors and traffic in the kitchen.

Get known for the different styles of kitchen designs with their strengths and weaknesses!

L-shaped Kitchen Layout:

If you have an open living area along with long rooms, L-shaped kitchen should be the preference. Incorporating L-shaped kitchen enables you to move freely between the spaces within the kitchen as well offer a great working space for Benchtop.

L-shaped Kitchen Layout
L-shaped Kitchen Layout


  • Ideal for open plan kitchen layouts.
  • Efficient for corner space.
  • L-shaped kitchen layout can be built around medium or smaller sized kitchen spaces.
  • Least traffic trouble.


  • Inadequate options for storage compared to other kitchen designs.
  • Say no to large kitchen spaces.
  • For multiple cooks, not a good idea!

L-shaped Kitchen With An Island layout:

For large and medium-sized kitchen spaces, incorporating an island is favourable. In fact additional Benchtops and cabinetry enables working space that makes the kitchen more appropriate and fancy to cook! This feature offers vast ease to access each corner of your kitchen.


  • Ease in accessing all corners.
  • Ample space for Benchtop preparation.
  • Ideal design for a breakfast bar.


  • If used in a huge space, the entire kitchen design might conclude spreading out unnecessarily.
  • Not an appropriate design for narrow or small spaces.

Straight Line Kitchen Layout:

Are you having a small and narrow sized kitchen space in your home? The straight line method is ideal for your choice. Basically, it’s a simple form of kitchen design as well the most economical as compared to different kitchen designs. This simply makes it ideal match for homes with smaller sized kitchen space.

Straight Line Kitchen Layout
Straight Line Kitchen Layout


  • Ease to use and easy to clean.
  • Homes or apartments with smaller sized kitchen space are best suited.
  • Results great in open plan designed space.


  • Doesn’t offer much storage space.
  • If you have a number of appliances, it’s not a good idea to incorporate this design. Even you might end up removing any of your appliances from your kitchen layout.

Galley Kitchen Layout:

Do you want minimal walking distance in your kitchen? Galley kitchen is an accurate design to focus on. It helps allowing you to reach all corners of the kitchen with ease. With regards to the modern chefs, galley kitchen layout is the ultimate choice that offers with best configurations.


  • Ample amount of storage.
  • Ease in accessing the working space.
  • Enough space for working area.
  • Have a room for high foot traffic.


  • People passing through the area may end up creating a traffic jam.
  • There are possibilities that your dining room space might cut off due to a galley kitchen.

U-shaped Kitchen Layout:

Families spending more time in the kitchen can take the advantage of U-shaped kitchen design layout. It offers varied sizes and is considered a perfect design as well.

U-shaped Kitchen Layout
U-shaped Kitchen Layout


  • Amass preparation space.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Option to insert a breakfast bar.
  • Can be incorporated around a small or big sized kitchen area.


  • A small flooring area may offer an enclosed feel.
  • It may turn up difficult to install the bottom corner cabinets.
  • A huge flooring area may be the cause for things too far apart.

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