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Creatively Organize Your Kitchen


Recently, you’ve found a house and lot in Angeles, and you are thinking a lot of things already on how you can decorate and design your future home – living room, kitchen, dining, bedrooms, garage, et cetera. Way too excited, right? But that’s totally cool as long as you are having fun and surely making plans on how you can turn those dreams into a reality. Whatever you might be imagining about, it’s impossible that you didn’t think of having DIY stuff in that future house of yours. Like how is your bedroom going to look like with your DIY galaxy lamp?


Well, you can do other thinking for other sections of your house, but we’re dibs on the kitchen.

Here are some creative things you can do and have in your kitchen:

Screw up or magnetize your bottles

If you want to declutter, one effective way is to hang your bottle containers on the ceiling within your reach like on the counter or around the sink. It’s not just hip and cool but it free more spaces in your kitchen. Just make sure that the magnets are well-installed and the lids of your jars are magnetic. If not, properly screw the cap of the bottles.

DIY Canned Food Rack

DIY Canned Food Rack
DIY Canned Food Rack

Having a lot of canned goods might be a hassle especially if you don’t have enough storage. But if you are most probably buying canned goods with almost the same size, why not do your rack? It can be as tall as your refrigerator and guarded by strong and long sticks (metal or wooden) and install some wheels to make it movable.

Have a beautiful and well-decorated spices storage

It is better to have your spices put into clear containers so you can check if you still have a good amount of them. They can be placed in racks or why not place them in your kitchen drawers?

Paint the measurement conversion chart

If you are the type of person who loves to cook and bake, you should consider painting or creatively print the measurement conversion chart. You may put it on a board and put some screws where you can hang your measuring cups and spoons.

Use an old door or window

What’s good with these old pals is that you can use them to put some screws and hang your valuables. Make sure that these door and window frames are still in good condition and can handle the weight of whatever you are going to place there.

Keep your cookware lids with less hassle

Sometimes you just want to leave your cookware lids wherever. But if you want to store it nicely, you can place some rod in your kitchen cabinets and hang them there. Leave an ample space where they can fit and good enough for the lid’s grip or head to be stopped by the rod from falling. You can also use some screws or clips to do the magic.

Give them some label

spices label
spices label

Even though your spices or condiments may seem to be obvious on what they are, for consistency of design and information of other people who do not know, it is still better to put some labels on their containers. You can print, write or paint – do whatever you want!

Use your pitcher to store your powders

Storing powders may be kind of messy. Aside from putting them into jars, you might want to place them in your pitcher. Make sure that the pitchers are intact and the powders that you are going to put there are better of there (e.g. flour so you can quickly pour it into measuring cups) and won’t be infested with ants or other insects.

Organize the spot under your sink

One of the most neglected places in the kitchen is the one under your sink. It shouldn’t be so dark or eerie down there! Light them up. Paint it with white or something bright and correctly place trash bins and your cleaning materials.

Always remember to put your signature style or design in whatever you will be doing.Remember, it is your home, whether it is new or not, and it is not somebody else’s or the one that you saw in social media. So that’s it! Have fun imagining and decorating your place!

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