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Rustic Shelving For Luxury Kitchens


Rustic design elements transport you back in time and give your home a cosier ambience with its warm and inviting vibe.

small rustic shelves
small rustic shelves

In our modern world where polished stone, glass, and artificial finishes dominate most homes, a hint of rustic goodness gives the space more personality and earthy charm. In fact, one of the best places to integrate rustic elements is your kitchen! Even the most modern and luxurious kitchen can be effortlessly combined with cautiously placed rustic features.

opt for neutral tones
opt for neutral tones

While there are a lot of things you can do in order to give your luxury kitchen a rustic charm, few offer an easier approach than those floating, open shelves. So whether you consider them timeless, trendy, or a bit of both; here are some rustic shelving ideas you can try out:

Opt For Neutral Tones

Wooden shelves paired with a neutral backdrop renders an ideal setting to your kitchen. Everything from unused copper pots to lovely china, to wooden spoons and carefully placed ceramics can be put together in order to create a casual yet stylish focal point in the kitchen.

If you want rustic shelving that goes toward contemporary style, then opt for open shelves that match the finish of your centre island or your cabinets as this can create a more curated, modern appeal.

White and Wood Combo

white and wood
white and wood

Combining a white backdrop with wooden elements and raw, wooden décor is definitely a hot trend this year.

This is probably because white kitchens always give you more flexibility and offer more design options, though they can be a bit of a high-maintenance. Also, mounting a couple of rustic shelves to your space feels both artistic and seamless, but just be sure to balance everything out so it won’t look messy and overcrowded.

Go For Small Rustic Shelves

Rustic Shelving For Luxury Kitchen
Rustic Shelving For Luxury Kitchen

Rustic shelves in a small kitchen can really make a big difference. Just neatly tuck them into a small corner of the kitchen, or maybe above your kitchen counter to create a little creative nook that’s otherwise forgotten.

We highly suggest putting your DIY skills to use instead of hiring a professional to do it. Simply shop for some blocks of wood and start building it! Installing these wooden shelves is very easy, and a DIY project can significantly cut back on costs. It also gives you a great chance to improve your DIY skill set, so it’s a win-win situation.

Incorporate some rustic shelving the next time you revamp your luxury kitchen!

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