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5 Tips and Tricks For Styling A Villa Bedroom


Most people get to a point in life when they feel the need to spend some time reinventing their safe haven. Maybe you have recently moved into a new luxury villa in Dubai or, on the other hand, just believe your familiar living area needs a refreshing makeover. Either way, your villa bedroom should be your retreat — a sanctuary for peaceful reading, writing, and relaxing, as much as a resting place.

Styling A Villa Bedroom
Styling A Villa Bedroom

Here are five tips and tricks for effectively styling a villa bedroom.

1. Style a rug under your bed.

Most people choose to position the rug in their bedroom with lots of room on all sides; this way, the rug is hugging the wall and the bed is basically floating on top of it.

This looks fine, but can be a little dated. Another option is to position the rug semi-haphazardly about one-third of the way down the bed for a more imperfect look that still makes the room feel cozy.

For most bedrooms, including those in the Fields Villas in Dubai, a four-by-six-foot rug by the bed is ideal.

2. Embrace the green.

One of the most beautiful ways to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary is to add a good dose of greenery. Plants bring beauty, character, texture and incredible energy into every space they appear in.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to have a green thumb (on either hand), you may find that taking care of real flowers and plants brings a new kind of meditation into your everyday routine as you look after them and watch them flourish.

3. Consider wall-mounting your lighting.

If you’re short on space, and therefore don’t have the room for two nightstands with lamps on top, consider wall-mounting your lighting. This is a practical styling tip which saves not only precious space in your villa, but also looks polished and clean.

For the most part, wall-mounted lights have to be hardwired by an electrician, but there are some plug-in options on the market as well. However you choose to do it, equip your lighting with a multi-watt bulb to fine-tune the light for reading or relaxing.

4. Add cozy textures and splashes of color.

To create warmth in your bedroom, add accessories in several different textures. Ideas include a sheepskin rug, a soft throw, or a nubby-knit pillow. Add character to a basic bed by draping a colorful throw over its frame during the day. Then, at night, you can pull it over yourself for extra warmth. You can shop for these accessories in any online store like DealWiki.

Small accessories are also an easy way to inject color into the room. Items such as pillow covers, curtain ties, lamps, and throws are practical homeware items that can bring some interest to an otherwise plain room. Don’t shy away from mixing patterns, especially with cushions.

Combine large prints with smaller ones, and geometrics with florals. It is your villa bedroom, after all.

5. Don’t forget the artwork!

Finally, a fabulous way to add a dose of personality to your bedroom is by hanging a large piece of artwork, or two smaller pieces, directly above your headboard. This styling tip is a surefire way to add a level of sophistication to your bedroom.

Make sure to pick something soothing (you have to sleep underneath it!) and big enough (at least two-thirds the size of the mattress), so it doesn’t get lost, but it must be no wider than the bed itself.

Alternatively, hanging a graphic quilt is an easy solution to the “big blank wall” issue. Pull the room decor together with complementary bed linens.

Whether you have a family villa in MBR City or a studio apartment in London, your bedroom must articulate your personality (not just design principles), so feel free to reveal your individual side.

That being said, decorate with consistency and choose a focal point. When angled into the room, a beautiful piece of furniture will become the focal point. This approach to bedroom design may also be more efficient for your space!

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