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You Need To Know The Secret To More Spacious Bathrooms


Everyone wants a spacious bathroom. If you’re lucky enough to have square footage in your master bathroom, there are endless possibilities. You can have a separate shower and tub, or even a decadent jacuzzi tub. With all the space in the world, you can relax with a book in a chaise lounge, install two sinks so that you and your partner don’t have to take turns getting ready for work, full length mirrors, and ample storage for fresh towels.


In reality, most homeowners aren’t so lucky. However, even if you have a small to medium-sized bathroom, there are some tricks of interior design you can use to feel like you’ve got more room.

Go with White

White is a beautiful color when you want to create an atmosphere of roominess. White bathroom vanities, mirror frames, and shower curtains against white tiles and white walls will feel airy and brighter. The white will reflect light while also receding, making it feel as though the walls are further apart. It’s an easy way to get an airy feeling right away.


While most traditional small bathrooms use a tub-shower hybrid, if the bathroom is shower-only, you want to use the same tiles on the walls as on the floor. When the floor tile continues into the shower, it plays a trick on the eye to create the impression of more space.


Smart bathroom storage solutions keep the clutter down. The bathroom vanity is an obvious place to start looking for more storage, but the walls are another area where you can find a lot more room. A lot of bathrooms don’t make effective use of wall space when installing a few simple shelves could add plenty of storage space.

Bathroom Vanities

The right bathroom vanity should look good and offer you plenty of space and storage. One trick to creating a roomier bathroom is to use a floating bathroom vanity. It balances storage with open space by opening up a nook underneath the vanity. You still have plenty of space to store things like hair dryers and towels while also giving you room to place your feet without stubbing your toe. You can also replace your bathroom vanities for color and tone to match a new white finish in your bathroom.


Bath towel
Bath towel

Mood lighting will instantly make your bathroom feel bigger and more comfortable. When you want to take a long, relaxing soak in the tub, you don’t want to do it under the same blaring lights you need when you’re plucking eyebrows.

But if your goal is feel luxurious in the bathroom, the most important thing you can do is treat yourself from time to time. Keep your favorite candles on hand at all times and invest in an arsenal of bath salts. A spa shower head will give you unprecedented temperature control and change the way you shower.

Bathrooms are often a place where people stress out and rush. You may never be able to get over the morning scramble, but you can at least turn your bathroom into a place where you can wind down at night or relax on lazy Saturday mornings.

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