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Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Titles


A clean and well-designed bathroom can give a refreshing start to your day. Bathrooms are one of the most usable and personal parts of a house which need extra considerations.

Nowadays people are opting for impressive and spacious bathrooms with much more innovation. As the demands of customers changed with time, the market also evolved itself accordingly. A variety of material, colors, and sizes of tiles are available in the market. Don’t get irritated or confused just do some paper-work or discussion with your family and get a clear vision of design, and color for your amazing bathroom and make an estimate of the budget also.

Best Bathroom Tiles
Best Bathroom Tiles

Online websites of different brands and companies can be your one-stop destination from where you can buy the best tiles in Singapore. Jotted down are few tips one should keep in mind before giving a final verdict while tile selection:

  1. Make estimated budget

Tile market has a huge variety of patterns, texture, colors, sizes, and material in every price range. One can feel lucrative but always stick to your budget and search for tiles which fit your price range without compromising the look and built of a tile.

  1. Dense and durable material

Life of a tile mostly depends on its base material. Tiles made up of different materials like ceramic, marble, granite and porcelain occupies the whole tile market. As porcelain tiles are harder and denser, yet expensive which make them the first choice of the buyers with a big budget. Ceramic tiles come after porcelain according to customer reviews.

  1. Check out the latest trends and colors

Before choosing any tile, one should give a glance at the latest trends. There is a wide variety which makes it difficult to choose one among all splendid choices. Wood planks for flooring, geometric tiles, graphic patterns and matte finish tiles are new in trends which give your bathroom an aesthetic look.

  1. Size and color matters a lot

Always choose a tile which complements the size of the bathroom. You can go for large format tiles for a small size bathroom to make it look spacious. Whereas Mosaic tiles can be a good option for a small cloakroom. The tile market also avails you with many color options like graceful greys, neutral nudes, and textured tiles which are hitting at the top of the chart.

  1. Choose 2 To 3 different tiles combination for your dream bathroom
2 To 3 different tiles combination
2 To 3 different tiles combination

You can choose the main tile or feature tile and pick rest of the tiles which complements the main tile’s color and pattern very well. Choose three different type of tiles for shower wall, bathroom’s floor, and other walls, as this will give a rich look to your bathroom.

  1. Ouch! It’s slippery

As we all know the bathroom floor mainly remains wet which makes it more prone to slipping. Choose anti-skid tiles for the floor.

For a hassle-free purchase and inquiry about tiles online websites, are there which provides appropriate information including photos about a particular article from where you can buy the best tiles in Singapore for your bathrooms.

  1. Cleanliness task

Bathrooms get messed up easily, so tiles should be stain resistant or one can trick it by making a color choice which is less susceptible to stains such as grays. More grout more dirt, opt for the larger size of tiles in the bathroom. Avoid the use of textured tiles on the floor as they can accumulate dust and dirt, which makes the cleaning process challenging.

Good luck!

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