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Trendy Interior house paint combinations


It has been long since you painted the interior parts of the house. You liked the colour for a long time, but now it is time to change for something better and more attractive. Each colour has its own personality and style to it. Combining two amazing colours to create one magical experience is now possible when you have reliable house painters by your side. They have worked on all the latest trends and would like you to advise some of the best choices in town.

Once you have mastered a blue and white palette way ago, then you are ready for the crop of fabulous bold colours, which are truly inspiring. You can even ask your designers to help you with the perfect colour pair, based on your interior.

  • The first one is turquoise and marigold:
turquoise and marigold paint home
turquoise and marigold paint home

As per some of the designers, marigold and turquoise are back in a big way. You can always use this colour combination as accents in your room. You can even pair them with a deeper and way more dramatic hue like black wall and more. It helps them to look a bit tame in comparison.

  • The amazing combination of charcoal grey and dusty rose:
charcoal grey and dusty rose color combination home
charcoal grey and dusty rose colour combination home

Even though trendy muted pink might just remind you of the grandmother’s bathroom from the 1950s, but when you paired it with the correct accessories, it can turn out to be as modern as ever. In these modern designs, you can play with charcoal grey, which will compliment that muted pink well.

  • The glow of hot pink and mint green:
hot pink and mint green color combination home
hot pink and mint green colour combination home

It is true that most of you might like to pair soft blush with the mint green, but trying something different like hot pink can prove to be greater. The softness of mint green will complement the intensity of hot pink quite well. It results in a dramatic contrast while feeling inviting and soft at the same time.

  • Electric blue and aquamarine:
Electric blue and aquamarine color combination home
Electric blue and aquamarine colour combination home

Some of you might like to pair bold shades from the same family. Adding colour blocking through statement elements can help create contrast and dimension. She will further recommend using artwork, which can feature both hues to tie them in a bunch and then make this look more polished and purposeful.

  • Combination of black and peach:

There are various shades of versatile peach colour that are now so trending. In case you want your place to have that formal vibe to it, then you can easily pair those peach variations with black. It will have that professional look to it yet a bit exciting at the same time.

  • A perfect combination of charcoal and burnt orange:

This combination of burnt orange and charcoal is perfect for those modern interiors which lovers will definitely appreciate! It is being used in bedrooms or in guest rooms where the main goal is to make the space gender-neutral. You can layer some shades of grey with it along with an orange throw to get that oomph factor to your place for sure.

  • Going for hot pink and turquoise:

For some people, this combination might be a bit overtly feminine but it can work wonderfully while trying to brighten up space. They are mainly termed as happy colours individually but when you add them, it will infuse upbeat energy, which is hard to deny.

  • Bright red and matching bright yellow:

If you have a large portion of a white wall in front of you, then you can add a touch of bright yellow and red to it, to make the rooms pop out quite a bit. It will give that candy vibe to the place, making it perfect for brightening up a gloomy mood.

Try any of these options, which you will surely like for your place.

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