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How to Turn Your Home Into a Spa


Going to a spa means treating yourself with some much-needed relaxation. However, it can be difficult to spare a day from a busy week schedule and devote it to stress-free alone time which the spa offers. If this is a problem you face often and don’t want to give up your once-in-a-while spa day, you should consider making your own spa at home, as this may be easier and more affordable than you think and could give you all the rest and relaxation you need without having to leave your home. Below are some tips on how to turn your home into a spa.

Soothing sounds

This might be the easiest way to get yourself in a relaxing mood. Fill the room with the sounds of soft rain, gentle waves or bubbling water, as the sounds of nature can help you clear your mind of everyday troubles and help you on your way to relaxation. You can even use your phone or computer to find ambient music you like if that is what you prefer. That being said, you should try to stick to instrumental music without lyrics, since you want to clear your mind of all thoughts. The choices are many and entirely up to you.

Pleasant scents

Smell is a very powerful sense and can help you greatly on your way to a perfect day of relaxation. You can experiment with different scents, such as lavender, rose or sandalwood, in the form of essential oils by adding them to your bath water or spraying the room, or you can go with scented candles in a dark ambient to create a nice atmosphere and keep the room lit without artificial light. Aromatherapy is very convenient as you can freshen up any room in your home by buying a diffuser with your favourite scent.

Decorate the room

When you enter the spa, you want to feel like you have actually left your daily routine behind at the door. You can create a serene surrounding for your home spa by decorating the room with elements of nature, such as wood and live plants. These will help your mind relax and provide you with a welcome break from the everyday setting of your office or work environment. Some of the best indoor plants which require low maintenance and are resilient are the Chinese evergreen, ficus bonsai tree, pothos, and aloe vera.

Install a massage chair

A day at the spa can hardly be finished without a massage to loosen up your muscles and improve your circulation. As giving yourself a massage just isn’t good enough and hiring a massage therapist can be expensive, you might want to consider investing in a massager, or even in recliner chairs in Australia. With a wide range of available massagers, such as foot massagers, neck massagers or massage chairs, you are bound to find one which suits your needs and fits within your budget. That way, you can add a relaxing massage to your everyday winding down rituals, whether they include reading a book, watching TV or enjoying some music with a glass of wine.

Bathrobe and towels

Putting on a comfortable robe after a hot bath along with some soft fluffy towels will make you feel pampered and well taken care of. If you want to go a step further, you can also add a towel warmer to your bathroom to keep your towels at a pleasant temperature and ready for you to wrap yourself in them.

Skin care products

Finish your at-home spa day by exfoliating or nourishing your skin. You can opt for a product you regularly use, or you can look up some DIY recipes online for body soaks, face masks or body scrubs, providing you with a specific treatment which fits your skin type and needs, while also saving you some money.

Fix yourself a drink

As coffee is probably an integral part of your daily routine, on your day off, you can swap it out for a cup of tea, or an energizing beverage based on your favourite fruit. This is also an area where the internet can give you a lot of useful suggestions. Compile a list of recipes for healthy and refreshing drinks and try them out on your at-home spa days.

Although converting a part of your home into a place for relaxation may require some time and DIY effort, it comes with great benefits to your health and stress levels. While it may not be the same as going to a spa centre for a day, having a small spa under your roof allows you to take a break from the stress of everyday life just as easily as you would lie back in your couch or in front of the TV, except every second will feel well spent.

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