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How Office Workstation Can Enhance Productivity


Office is a second home for most employees, increasingly so in select sectors such as Information & Technology as the staff spend a major part of their waking hours at the workplace, even during the weekends!  While a safe, hygienic, well-lit,well-ventilated office space is a basic requirement to ensure employee morale and satisfaction, it is actually the workstation design that influences the quality and volume of work that gets completed each day.  

Office Workstation
Office Workstation

Office Workstation – Core Space

For ages now, office spaces have been designed and created with the sole objective of maximizing space utilization. The reason behind this approach is obvious, given the fact that office spaces necessarily need to be located in prime areas in order to get noticed and be easily accessible as well and real estate in such locations are expensive!

While it may seem just fair for companies to curb funds spent towards buying, leasing or renting office space in a prime location, compromising on core space available to each employee may not really prove judicious in the long run.

For instance, business establishments that are open to visitors will need to demarcate floor space to receive and interact with customers, allocate space for essential infrastructure used in daily operations and house staff as well. The most important factor is the number of employees who will have to share the office space!

Cramped office spaces have been observed to have a detrimental effect on employee morale and quality of work delivered. Notably the personal space available for an employee to carry out his/her daily tasks in a comfortable and organized manner makes all the difference.

Office Workstation – Impact on Productivity

Fortunately most businesses have realized the long term benefits of nurturing a productive and motivatedworkforce. One of key factors that influence productivity is a comfortable andfunctional workstation that enables staff to work more efficiently on a dailybasis.

A workstation/desk with the right amount of privacy and space for a specific job not only allows enables staff to function in speedy and effective manner, but also instills a sense of ownership and focus. With sufficient room for movement, free space for desk jobs, storage for physical records/files and stationery as well as easy access to electronic gadgets/equipment for the job, staff connect to and relate with the space more readily and tend to work in an organized manner.

It is, however, important to select the right type of workstation for the office space.  The core space must be designed based on the nature of work done at the office with variations as required depending on designation and type of work done by the employee.

For instance, a manager’s workstation must accommodate a telephone, laptop/desktop, space for files, storage units for securing confidential information, while that of a clerical staff may do with a simpler design.

Office Workstation
Office Workstation

Office Workstation Design Considerations and Options

Office Workstation designs vary based on their purpose. Different types of workstation models are available to suitspecific requirements. It is important for companies to choose the right onebased on the floor space available, nature of work and the number of employeeswho will be working from the office. Allowing for multi-purpose desks will comein handy to house new recruits or temporary hires.

Open Layout – This workstation design is ideal for offices where employees constantly need to communicate/collaborate with each other for daily operations. There are literally no partitions to demarcate space, which also means that there is no privacy. Employees are seated side by side, or across the desk to facilitate face-to-face interactions and get the job done inan quick and efficient manner.

Linear Cubicles – In this layout there are individual cubicles that are arranged in a row.  The cubicles are fitted with storage spaces/drawers as well. Each employee is allotted a separate cubicle, which has a partition/panel that separates it from the adjacent ones. The partitions are generally of waist height and serve to limit face-to-face communications as long as the person is seated at the desk. Employees can focus on work and still interact with colleagues in adjacent cubicles by standing up or speaking out audibly. High noise levels however are bound to prove distracting.

Group Seating – Larger workstations, typically three/ four seaters with space to accommodate electronic equipment as well as individualwork and storage spaces are ideal for team work.  Seated close to each other team members caneffectively work together, consulting and reviewing work without losing time incommuting between workstations or to the conference room every time they needto collaborate.

Private Cabins – This is a typical layout for staff who man the higher designations of a company. Private workplaces are usually a little moresophisticated with extra features to facilitate smooth and focused operations.  Floor to ceiling walls, door to block outdistractions and larger in size, these cabins typically stand out from theother sections of the office. In most cases private cabins sport a mix oftransparent and solid panels to ensure privacy and also allow discreetsupervision!

Reception Desk – The standard reception layout is an integralof any office where visitors are permitted. Panels are usually absent and the desk is larger and lower to enable thestaff answer the phone or visitor even when seated.

Ideally, an office layout comprises a judicious mix of workstation types installed across the floor space based on the functional needs. Office workstation manufacturers can churn out custom designs to suit specific requirements. The size of the workstations, the height of panels, the material used for panelling, number of storage units and several other aspects are customizable.  It is however important to work with a local manufacturer to get the job done to perfection.

For instance, if you have an office in Delhi/Noida, it makes sense to work with an Office WorkstationManufacturer in Noida to plan your office layout, for it makes consultations, site visits, custom changes and installations far easier and cost-effective.   There are of course several workstation manufacturers who offer quality products at competitive rates. Shortlist reputed manufacturers, compare products and pricing before you choose the right office furniture manufacturer in greater Noida to spruce your office space.

An ergonomic, functional workstation and comfortable seating can go along way to enhance the efficiency of operations and productivity of employees permanent desk jobs.

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