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12 Top Notch Decorating Tips


It’s January 2019, and like every year, it’s time to breathe in some changes, however big or small they be. Some decide on altering a little something about their living space. If you moved to a new apartment, expanded to another room, or decided to de-clutter and start anew in your current one, it’s always a good time to do some redecorating.

wall decorating ideas
wall decorating ideas

And we’re offering you twelve top-notch decorating tips.



  1. Before you paint – consider the lighting!

How is every room in your home lit? Are the windows small, or large, and how much do you rely on artificial lighting? Depending on whether you have neon, LEDS, or regular bulbs, the wall paint will seem different. So before you decide, slap a few tiny samples of the paint on the wall to see what works best.

  1. Every room should have a colour scheme

But! It’s important to emphasize that your home shouldn’t look like an inside of a circus tent, either. Decide on a colour scheme you like, and see all the possible variants you could use in different rooms. That way, you will have some variety to keep a bright atmosphere, but still, have a cohesive palette for harmony. And when in doubt – consult an expert!

  1. Don’t forget about the wall décor

A big factor in your colour choice should be the wall décor itself. For example, a mounted bookshelf (or a tall standing one) will be filled with colourful book covers and decorations, so a solid-coloured neutral wall works. Similarly, paintings and other hanging decorations will need to match the wall behind them.

furniture combination living room dining modern
furniture combination living room dining modern



  1. Choose eye – drawing pieces

When buying furniture, just like with wall paint, determine the central piece the rest of the room will be focused around. If they vary in size too much, are scattered without any order to them, or they’re too big or small for your room, something will always seem off about the whole room. Make a conscious choice of furniture that can be arranged in such a way, they naturally draw anyone’s eyes along the room with ease.

  1. Buy multi-functional pieces

Get yourself furniture that can serve more than one purpose. That bulky coffee table that has those small wooden stools stored inside it? Check. The modular U-shaped or L-shaped couch? Double-check. These pieces will not only save you money, but also space, and sanity, for being able to easily convert your two-or-four-people space into one for guests.

  1. Be careful with space

A larger couch will require smaller chairs to accompany it, or even bean bags because two oversized chairs as well can eat up your entire living room space. While it should be a given, not everyone actually measures their rooms to buy correctly sized furniture. Smaller apartments require shorter, stockier furniture, and save up on space buy decorating UP, instead of to the sides.

Floor ideas
Floor ideas



  1. Choose your carpets carefully

What kind of climate do you live in? Carpets are a long-term deal, in that they won’t be moved around the rooms often (if at all), unless they should be washed. So take into account the seasons, when the same material is great for cold floors in the winter, but also unnecessary during the summer.

  1. Mats should be “pretty lifesavers”

You may not have known, but every household should have (in their garage or interior), quality protective mats in certain places. Anti-static comfort mats to prevent those annoying static electricity zaps or rubber-backed mats to prevent slipping in your shower. Luckily, plenty of places offer high-quality functional mats that also look really pretty, and can be matched up with almost any décor.

  1. Think about the purpose

For example, in the bathroom alone, you can have about three different types of mats. It all comes down to personal preference, but also to what suits your bathroom best. If you have kids or a partner who splashes water around, you’ll want a highly absorbent one, for example. Rubber mats in the kitchen are also a favourite, in places where food spills are common. They save the flooring and are also easy to clean.


Decorating ideas luxury dining room home design
Decorating ideas luxury dining room home design
  1. Customized hand-me-downs

Even if it does seem a little counter-intuitive, hand-me-down décor and smaller pieces of furniture actually do give your place a touch of uniqueness. Whether you get them from friends and family or buy them at the flea market, it doesn’t matter. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Browse a little, choose the cutest picture frames, vases, lamps and other, adapt them to your home by customizing them, and you got yourself a unique decoration.

  1. The devil is in the details

While none of your rooms should be cluttered top to bottom, it’s still important to find a few details that will stand out. Similarly as with wall paint, and furniture, decide on a common theme for every room and match the details. The popular Scandinavian minimalism will require at the most a pair of faux-stone vases with some dried plants, or geometrically shaped planters, for example. Just find the kind of style you’ll feel most comfortable in, and incorporate it into every room in one way or another.

  1. Let every room have a central piece

We already said this with furniture. Your home décor needs to revolve around a particular style that will be dictated by a select few pieces. For example, do you want your meal prep counter in the kitchen, your spice rack, or your dining table to be the focal point of your kitchen? Depending on that, you’ll know which of these elements to invest in, while the others should be more toned down. Similarly, choose if your bookshelf, gaming station, sofa or TV will be the focus of the living room. It’ll make your decoration choices much easier and more fun.


Our final advice would be to watch closely how others decorate their homes. These four categories are a good way to segment your project, and watching how others treat their space is a good way to find out about your own preferences and do’s and don’ts. So grab some magazines, open up Pinterest, call up some friends for unexpected visits and get started!

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