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8 Living Room Decorating Ideas You Need to Try This Summer!


When you’re looking to add a new spark to any room in your house, the living room is the perfect place to start. For many, it’s the place where they spend the most time in their homes. Due to this fact, adding tasteful changes is a necessity. It’s not just about summer, though. Sometimes, you can get tired of the monotonous look of the living room, and it’s great to switch things up.

Living Room Decorating Ideas
Living Room Decorating Ideas

Even adding some new brick wallpaper can make a world of difference. So, if you’re feeling tired of your living room, it might be time to make some decorating changes. Can’t think of any fun or inspirational ideas to try? The following are a few living room decorating ideas that we think you should try this summer!

1.    Add a New Dimension

It’s always great to add another dimension to a room with the help of wallpapers. It’s very similar to having an accent wall, but you don’t always have to opt for a textural piece to add another dimension. Simple colour blocking can be sufficient to give you the best results you want. Additionally, another nifty trick is to use giant mirrors. These can give the illusion of space and make a small room look bigger. Coupled with the right wallpaper, your living room will turn airy and bright. Be careful about picking the right colors here since they can either make the room look bigger or smaller.

2.    A Pop of Colour to Add New Light

summer Living Room Ideas
summer Living Room Ideas

Summer is a time to let in colour and light into your home, and you should try to embody that in your living room. Pick and choose colors that not only complement each other but also create a pleasing contrast. Say goodbye to deep blues, reds and plums. Instead, try picking brighter colors such as teal, emerald green, violet or even vibrant red. With these colors, you should also try to use some neutrals. Good use of neutral colors like white, black, greys and browns can easily create a very welcoming room with a coherent colour scheme, which translates well across the room.

3.    A Theme is Always Pleasing

To make things easier, it’s a great idea to give your living room a theme. If you’re going for a cosy, rustic theme, using brick wallpaper can help to solidify this aspect. Coupled with the right accessories, browns, reds and rustic shades, you can make your room look cosier and warmer. Similarly, you can use different wallpapers to match your chosen theme. Whether you want an under-the-sea feel or something more elegant, wallpapers can really help in this area.

4.    Add Some Relaxation

Living rooms are supposed to be comfortable, so make sure that you have the most comfortable sofas, chairs and rugs here. Beanbags can also be perfect, particularly if you play video games with your friends in the living room. Add in some light throws on the sofas, which can be multifunctional, and you’ve got a room where you can relax in. Additionally, pick a pastel colour palette, which is not only more pleasing to the eyes but also makes one feel relaxed, happier and more restful.

5.    Elevate with Some Marbling

living room marble Ideas
living room marble Ideas

If you want your living room to look regal but are on a budget, get your hands on some marble wallpaper. These give you the finish and appearance of marble at a fraction of the cost. Colour themes with marble always need to be in contrast. Pastel shades greatly complement marble tones, themes and accents. Add in some gold accessories or accents and some black and white cushions and rugs that embody the marble pattern and colour, and you can have a beautiful living room that looks like a million bucks.

6.    Bring the Outdoors Inside

Since you are letting in light in your living room during the summer, how about adding some beautiful plants to the mix? Indoor house plants can help to give a pop of green colour. They work best with almost any kind of theme, even elevating brick wallpaper. It’s a good idea to pick the right plant, particularly if you are worried about over watering them or do not get a lot of sunlight indoors. Additionally, make sure to use bright plant pots that can fit in with the decor and add to the look of the room. This ensures that your plants blend in better with the theme and colour scheme of the room.

7.    Playing with Patterns

Another way that you can add colors to your room is by making use of different patterns and textures that create more visually interesting points in your room. You can do this by using patterned throws, rugs and cushions or you can opt for patterned wallpapers in Australia. The visual diversity it creates in a room also gives the illusion of more space because it gives your eyes something more interesting to rest upon. Get textures that complement each other and patterns which contrast gently.

8.    Enhancing the Shelf Space

One of the easiest ways that you can give your living room a makeover is to install more shelf space. Make sure to choose shelves that can match the decor or the theme of the living room. For example, if you are using brick wallpaper, wood shelves will look warmer and give a more solid appearance. On the other hand, if you are using marbled wallpaper, you should use gold or silver framed shelves to make them go with your chosen theme.

With the help of these tips, you can easily give your living room a picture-perfect finish and have it looking brand new for this summer!

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