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5 Reasons That Justify Making Blinds Your Top Choice Over Curtains


One of the immediate agender after moving into a new apartment is covering up the windows. It then brings in the need to decide on the type of window dressings to use for each room. And given that the window curtains play a significant role in the overall look of the interior dé cor, it is necessary to review all available options and make the best picks.

Curtains home ideas
Curtains home ideas

The market as an array of choices ranging from the conversational to the modern, and all meeting different tastes and preferences. But which style of window dressing should you choose? Curtains are often the most popular option for many homeowners. However, window blinds in Houston are also an excellent option, and they come in a variety of materials and styles. Moreover, the shades have numerous advantages that make them a better pick over the conventional curtains.

Appearance is everything when it comes to dé cor, and it is natural to want your home looking exquisite. Regarding the look to go for when deciding on the window dressings, most homeowners will opt for the contemporary style. If you then consider the flow of air through the winds of allowing natural light in curtain will not suffice since they give you limited control over such elements. You, however, will not have such shortcomings if you decide to install blinds. Pull the blinds down and you kept out as much light as possible, pull the back and the room is well lit. The window blinds also aid in the flow of air into the room thus lessening the need to use the AC thus lowering heating and air conditioning costs.

In terms of maintenance, window blinds are easy to clean when compared to curtains. You will often not have to use any water. All you need is a dusting broom and a piece of cloth to clean the blinds. Furthermore, the process will not take up much of your time. And if you take into account such low maintenance, then you will appreciate why blinds are so durable. Most of them are made from quality materials that are dust-resistance and sturdy. As such, window blinds will be an excellent choice if you have a pet at home.

So if you are looking for an effective and easy way of changing the appearance of your room, then consider installing window blinds instead of curtains. But if you still are unconvinced about the blinds, below are five reasons that can help change your stand:

1.    Light Control

With the blinds, you have a high level of control over the lighting in a room during the day. The blinds can cover the whole window or parts of it as needed. For instance, some window blinds have slats that are fitted very close together to limit the penetration of light even when the slats are pulled open. Such blinds are an ideal choice for rooms that need limited, natural light such as in a bedroom or a studio.

  1. Countless Styles, Patterns, & Colors

You can get the window blinds in different styles, patterns, and colors. As such, it is hard not to find something that will meet your taste and preferences to help create that decorative touch you want in any room in your house. Options range from cordless blinds, roll-up blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, and curtain blinds among others all exuding a unique elegance.

  1. Wide Variety of Materials

You can find the window blinds in an array of material choices. For instance, you can opt for wooden blinds if you are looking for something that will add to the rustic feel you want in your living room. If you find that the wooden shutters are costly, you can opt for bamboo blinds, or even plastic or metal blind designed to mimic wood.

  1. Enjoy Complete Privacy

If you are using curtains, then you have to pick one made from a dark, thick, or opaque material if you are to enjoy the degree of privacy that window blinds provide. But why go through all that when you can get absolute privacy when you install window blinds. Top-down shades are an excellent choice for such a thing since you can pull the shade down from the top when you want to allow natural light into the room without affecting the level of privacy.

  1. Easy Maintenance
home Curtains ideas
home Curtains ideas

Of the various window dressing options out there, window blinds are perhaps the easiest to maintain. A quick brushing using a feather duster and then wiping with a damp cloth is often all it takes to clean the window blinds. If dealing with curtains, you will have to pull them down and wash them occasionally. Therefore, the blinds are the most convenient option of the two. Moreover, the blinds last longer that curtains, especial the blinds made from wood, reinforced plastic, and aluminum.

Find The Perfect Blinds For Your Home

From the above, it is evident that window blinds are the ideal choice when you are looking for window dressings that are functional, exude elegance and add to the decorative style you want for your home. The blinds are cost-effective; a cheaper alternative to curtains that is also more durable. For instance, you can opt to go for faux wood blinds if you are looking for an economical alternative to those made from actual timber. You can do a bit of research online to find what will be appropriate for your home. You can as well visit the nearest home dé cor store as you shop around for the window dressings for your new house.


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