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10 Tips on decorating your room in low budget


Decorating your room for less and affordable ideas ensures that you can get the look you love. On the other hand, maintaining a budget that works best for you. Here are some of the tips that one can use when decorating their rooms in low budget.

1.Have a plan
modern bedroom ideas
Modern Bedroom Ideas

Proper planning is very important when working on a tight budget. Find your design inspiration by doing research either on magazines or the Internet to figure out what you would like to emulate. Once you settle on the best interior design for your room, look at your finances and lay down a strategic plan on how to spend by putting aside a manageable amount for your decorating project.


Painting is one of the cheapest ways to transform a room. Painting your room your favorite color can make faded walls look fresh and a completely different look. Painting compliments the theme of the room and it embodies an additional look to your home decor. One can use paint to create a variety of interesting effects such as stripes, sponging or creating details with paint and its completely an inexpensive way to quickly make a huge difference in a room. You just need to go bold with color and be sure you’ve picked the color that you love.

3. Do it yourself

When doing the decorating job yourself instead of hiring professionals, helps you to save some money. You get the best out yourself and make the room even much better according to your likes and preferences. You can choose to do the painting thus saving on hiring experts to come doing it for you. They will charge you on the basis of time as well as for the service rendered. Whereas, if you do it yourself, you will be saving on this. Hiring may require a number of professionals such as consultants as well as interior designers who charge quite a fee for their time. If you certainly know what you want you can just go online or into retail shops and buy your stuff and pimp your room to your taste.

4.Shop second-hand
Interior Design Bedroom

One doesn’t have to buy a new piece that is brand new. Shopping second-hand items are less expensive and sometimes even 90% cheaper. There are a lot of shops and places to find second-hand furniture for less than one would pay in a showroom. It’s advisable to get good accessories or furniture of your preference that goes hand in hand with your budget. One can get more furniture and accessories compared when you decide to buy a brand-new piece. Some of the second-hand shops are collectors of vintage items and you may end up having authentic items that are bought at a higher fee in showrooms. However, while buying second-hand items you need to ensure that you check on quality so that you do not have always to be buying items for your room each time.

5. Re-purpose furniture or accessories

This involves making what you want by turning an old piece for a new purpose. You can totally transform almost any component of your interior design. It might not look exciting as buying a new piece from the store but when you take a look at your room and see the furniture that can be re-purpose it will help you save and stick to your budget. For instance, you can use a table as a desk or study table as a TV stand. By doing so repaint or refinish it to make it have a new look.

6. Fill the room with furniture

Working under a budget is often about prioritizing. Choosing to fill you’re your room with furniture during your decoration is likely the best idea and also easy to take care of wooden furniture. Don’t go for expensive furniture but the one that fits in your budget. It’s the best way to spend your money because it will likely last for years compared to accessories that will lose their luster after a few years.

7. Use paper

Using wallpaper is one of the cheapest ways to decorate a room. Wallpapers come with a huge variety of patterns and make the surface have a good look. It’s durable and can be easier to clean compared to a painted wall. Wallpapers are actually quite trendy these days and come with different designs. They are easy to install and have no hustle in them they will bring an outstanding and alive mood to your room as you can choose which wallpaper you want.

8. Use fabric

Fabric makes a room look fresh and new. For instance, accent fabric makes a fabulous style statement and highly embellished through pillows, sofas, beds or chairs. One can knit their own fabrics or purchase them at a store a very manageable price and can make a big impact when decorating your room. You can use fabric to cover even your walls depending on what you love. Some fabrics are easy to change if you decide to go to a totally different design. They have different prints and they bring an appealing look to your room.

9. Add woodwork

Adding some woodwork to liven your walls can make a room look more appealing and attractive. You can choose to do your own woodwork or get them from a store at a manageable price. Some of the woodworks one can use is base modeling, crown, and picture rails, among others depending on your preferences.

10.Create cheap artwork

A single painting from the gallery can cost thousands though you can decide to create your own artwork by using pictures out a magazine, pictures text or designs printed from your own printer. Art creates pallets for rooms which boring plain walls can be transformed into something prettier. You can as well use recycle wine bottles and paint them well to create themes for your room. They are always available and you do not have to throw them away if you have them at home. You can utilize them and use them to make art pieces.

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